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    Satellite Bandwidth


    by angsys ·

    Good Day
    Im responsable for 500 w/s at the moment and in my
    Country Communications are not very good not to say don’t work at all(Angola)
    I was force to apply for the Company a Vsat in order to maintain our Daily work but now i’ve a problem
    1. My Vsat Conection is divided on 5 points
    a)Shared Link (4gb Month) 4 areas
    b)Dedicated Link (Unlimited)1 area
    2. On the Shared Link everything is running 100% regarding Bandwidth but on our Dedicate no
    At this moment all w/s are running with this link very well that if i don’t try and do a 2mb Download the times are around 600/800ms but on the moment i decide to run a download it jumps to 3000ms and this only with one w/s connected on the LAN.
    On the 1 month i’ve setup this link this problem was not happening but for already 9 months is becoming a normal thing
    What i need is the advice of a Vsat Expert to tellme how can i detect were/what is causing or (stealing) a good amound of my BW
    I’ve already try getting support from the Provider but no luck and since i’ve a VPN applyed i need to aquire Soft that can reade true it


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      Reply To: Satellite Bandwidth

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Satellite Bandwidth

      Hi ear,
      This sounds like a load balancing software problem at the provider.
      Since this is a dedicated link, this should not be, but mistakes happen.
      Do you have an extra PC, that you can setup without VPN, to troubleshoot the dedicated link?
      If you are loosing bandwidth, any good traffic monitor should detect it, and log it for you.
      I am not a Vsat expert, but this does not sound like a Sat problem, this sounds like a network/router problem at the provider.
      Regards, Chris

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