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Satellite internet connection

By otieno.david ·
I am searching for a possible solution to provide wireless via satellite internet connection. I especially want to know the Hardware and source for band width.

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ever hear of google????

by fungus-among-us In reply to Satellite internet connec ...

J/K, but seriously, do a search on google and you will get a ton of links to follow up on. A friend of mine did have satellite internet before Cable broadband came to our area. It's been over 6 years now, but I can remember a few things about his connection that sucked.

1. Satellite was download only
2. Still needed dial up for uploads
3. 768Kpbs download speed seemed only slightly faster than my dial-up (had something to do with packet conversion from the receiver to the PC)
4. really freaking expensive.

He only had that for a year, and he switched to a MICROWAVE ISP, that was cheaper and offered 2-way connection. When Time Warner finally got around to wiring (fiber-optic) his neck of the woods, he switched over to Cable Broadband.... and never wants to go back.

You'll have to do some research... From the little I have seen, seems as if things have improved vastly over the last half decade... everything except the pricing structure.

Good Luck

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Many choices

by NickNielsen In reply to Satellite internet connec ...

This page ( provides a listing of satellite internet providers worldwide.
Equipment probably varies from provider to provider. One provider charges $900 for equipment and $199.99/month for a business connection.

If you want mobile access, the cost goes up.

Edit: clarify

Added: for what it's worth, this is the Google results page I got:

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by harasath_145 In reply to Satellite internet connec ...


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Satellite internet accelerated access for Africa and Middle East

by support In reply to Satellite internet connec ...

New satellite internet access for Africa and Middle East is now available due to the new satellite capacities allocated by Lamit Company, to all kind of users along the entire continent.
Despite the general crisis of satellite capacity, the company offers new connection solutions, SCPC/SCPC or shared, for the satellite internet users, working with all kind of applications. Lamit Company also provides special encrypted Governmental connections, video/audio surveillances for highways (traffic control), high security objective?s monitorizing, border control and customs management and internet connection or particular satellite internet services adapted to fit the needs of various companies, starting with the drilling oil & gas industry and finishing with any other type of private company, in need of communication with the rest of the world..
The services are also available for military bases, as well for universities or schools and even for small businesses such as internet cafe?s.
Due to the availability of the recently launched 2.5 version of Lamit 2Pro Platform, the satellite internet connection?s quality can be raised up and encrypted by using at both ends the Lamit 2Pro equipments and applications, or by applying the Lamit 2Pro controllers for the management of the dedicated networks provided by Lamit Company in some specific region.
The Lamit solutions have been already implemented with success in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Sudan and in many other African countries, as well as into the Middle East?s countries as Iraq, Afghanistan or Kuwait, these being only a few of the hot spots of requests for the company?s satellite internet services.
These days, when the satellite capacity became insufficient for the large number of satellite internet users, any solution which economize the bandwidth is highly appreciated and should be applied at a large scale.
For this reason, Lamit Company started a new research campaign for finding new distributors and resellers of its integrated solutions, for creating new, higher performance dedicated networks and also for encouraging the appliance of new standards for the bandwidth?s economy.
Due to the high quality of their services and also due to their business performances, Lamit Company received multiple international awards in the past years for its contribution to the development of worldwide communication process and broadband satellite internet field.

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