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Satellite solutions

By lijahmay ·
The company I work for has recently purchased and deployed several terrestrial satellite units. We rotate and deploy these units temporarily at our remote sites as needed. We have implemented a VPN solution and are experiencing extremely poor performance due to latency, tcp window size ect. I have done some research on this issue and it seems as if this is a major drawback to satellite transmission. I know the physical limitations (distance from the earth station and the satellite) can not be overcome but if anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Satellite solutions

by TG2 In reply to Satellite solutions

Usually the reason to use a satellite system is due to limitations infrastructure of the surrounding area.

Put in human terms.. are you using satellite because these places have no other means of access? ie.. no cable modem services, no dsl services, no isdn, no modem.. etc..??

If you have Cellular service, then you may want to look into broadband wireless, to see if that area has coverage.

Depending on geography, you might even be able to get line of site devices to transmit/receive at a higher speed and deploy one site then link to another...

it really depends on your needs, your business, your relocation frequency.

Cisco even has a card that will do DS3 speeds at up to 30 miles (? I think that's what it was).

The latter would work in some situations, but the cost is something to consider as well. If you could post more info.. I could try and dig up something to fit it.

example locations & proximity to larger cities that may have connectivity options
number of people to support
kind of traffic supported or applicational usage(is streaming media allowed or discouraged as much as possible, is it for vpn to private company data where security has to be maintained or for web & general access)

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