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    Save $4000 on M$ DST fix


    by al k ·

    What you might not know is that M$ is charging 4K$ for the fixes to OS’s in extended support.
    ie 2000/2000server/2000 Pro etc.

    Here are two fixes I found (there maybe more)for the DST change that will not cost you the 4K$ that M$ is asking for those OS?s that are in extended support.

    1) Down Load the free fix from.

    It fixes 98/ME & NT/2000/XP/2003. The 9x/ME & NT/2000/XP/2003 systems are separate downloads.

    2) Download the M$ “resource kit” for your version of windows.
    You must install the microsoft resource kit using admin privileges.

    Note: some RK versions of NT were missing the “timeszone.exe” utility. see…

    Startup the resource kit shell(cmd) program as an administrator. (The icon has the proper path specified.)

    Accessible from within that shell(cmd), there will be a utility called “timezone.exe”

    For example On XP..

    Typing “timezone /g” will retrieve the current daylight saving settings.. displaying something like this..

    Current Timezone is :

    Daylight Saving Time begins at 02:0:1:04
    Daylight Saving Time ends at 02:0:5:10

    To make change the start of daylight savings time to the second(2) sunday in march and have it end on the 1st sunday in november type in
    “timezone /s 02:0:2:03 02:0:5:11”

    You may need to then reboot to get the fix to ?take?.

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      Slight correction?

      by livs ·

      In reply to Save $4000 on M$ DST fix

      Shouldn’t the syntax for the new setting be:

      timezone /s 02:0:2:03 02:0:1:11

      The 5 in the second to last place in the original post would target the last Sunday of November, but DST end falls on the First Sunday of November.

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        by al k ·

        In reply to Slight correction?

        The new law gives these dates for the next two years:
        2007 March 11 November 4
        2008 March 9 November 2

        I made a mistake when I edited the date- Thanks for the correction!

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