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By far_al ·
i have a aspx page that will allow user to scan barcode into the textbox along with skid number and quantity i have textbox for quantity where user will type the quantity and i have textbox where user will type the skid so lets say at skid textbox user typed in 2 and at quantity textbox user typed in 4 and then at the barcode textbox user scan the barcode what happen is that this info goes to one big textbox i have so that user can see what they have done and at the same thime it goes to file also. Everthing is working fine..but what i would like to do is that i want to add the total quantity as my user is scaning for a specific skid. so lets say my user scand 2 parts for skid 1 and again 3 for skid 1 it should add 3 + 2 on the fly and same thing as my user change the skid number it should start to add for that skid. so basicallly add the quantity on fly for each skid and keep the total in in the file so when i open the file i can see what is the total for each skid...


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