"Save In" Problem - Microsoft Office 2003

By jfinley ·
Problem is relevant only to Office 2003; other Windows XP software not affected. When selecting a different folder location to save a file in the "Save In" pull down menu, a delay of over 30 seconds occurs before the new folder becomes visible. This problem occurs in all Office Suite software. However, any software not a part of the Office Suite does not have this "delay" problem.
Is there a fix out there for this problem? Office SP2 downloaded.

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Not that I have found

by Tig2 In reply to "Save In" Problem - Micro ...

Have the same issue in my home office implementation. I don't see what is causing the problem and don't have a workaround except to be patient.

Gotta love that Microsoft!

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Office Pro 2003 "Save In" problems

by jfinley In reply to Not that I have found

Problem solved. System was mapped to a storage device drive on a peripheral (HP All-in-one). Disconnected "Z" drive and it solved the problem.
Received helpful information from this forum.

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Fixed Mine, Too

by demccusker In reply to Office Pro 2003 "Save In" ...

I can't believe it! You folks solved my problem. I recently bought a new HP All-In-One printer and since then have been pulling my hair out about Office 2003 hanging up. I thought I had been all over the Internet by now...I should have come here first. I went and disconnected the mapped drive and I'm back in business. Thanks for the info...

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Could it be...

by dawgit In reply to "Save In" Problem - Micro ...

That the 'New' path to your files now routes through M$? :0 (DRM and all that) I think (this is NOT my idea) that there was some talk of that happening. The way of the future, with Web2.0, it's supposed to get even worse. Here's the prognosis, If some, (not only M$) get their way, all of the Office 'Work' will be centralized, and you will only have a terminal. If sucessful, most 'Users' will not notice the difference. Since you do not 'own' the M$ software anyway, (you only have a licence to use it) it makes sense for them them to do that.
That could be what you're seeing now, the begining of that process. -d

edited to add:
Like I said this is NOT my idea. Anyway, one way to check would be to monitor, or record (to check anyway) port traffic. That of course, would be difficult, as M$ has not released much infomation on their use of 'their' ports. With over 6,000 ports available, ---but, it could be could be fun.

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what sp are the pc's on?

by wmnewman23 In reply to "Save In" Problem - Micro ...

This problem may occur if the LAN Manager does not immediately authenticate the domain-based DFS shares. When this problem occurs, the Multiple Provider Router (Mpr.dll) queries other name providers to authenticate the DFS share. Each query takes five seconds to run before the query is denied.To resolve this problem, obtain the latest service pack for Microsoft Windows XP.

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Thank you "Save As" hang fixed

by jcvetko In reply to "Save In" Problem - Micro ...

Start Menu, right click on My Network Places, Disconnect Network Drive!!

Problem Solved

Wierd thing is that it only started some time afetr I set up the network not immedialty so who knows?

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