Save monitor setups between workplaces

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In the company where I work, we have flexible workplaces. This means that an employee can choose a desk in the morning.

We have encountered the problem that an employee has to set up the screen configuration again when he is sitting at a workplace that he has not used before. (Order of the monitors, etc.) The reason is that Windows 10 saves the configuration based on the hardware ids of the monitors. Some of the employees are not technically skilled and find it very annoying.

We were already in contact with Microsoft. They told us that there is no solution available in Windows 10. They are also not allowed to recommend us some 3rd party software.

Does anyone here had the same issue before? Do you know about any workaround?
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Here is a thought

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Save monitor setups betwe ...

A system administrator can disable the ability to change most, if not all, user settings of the display properties on all computers on a network. Sometimes this happens when a few folks abuse the system or make things difficult for others. I have seen it happen at more than one call center that I have worked at. Sometimes drastic actions like this are required.

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Back to the company IT.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Save monitor setups betwe ...

It's THIS COMPANY'S DECISION that this is or is not a problem.

Sometimes the employee tries to do what they do at home or install apps where such is blocked by policy on company computers.

Let me sum it up.
1. Not your PC.
2. Complain to the company.

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