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    Save music from Napster as mp3?


    by rebecca.stoerr ·


    Hello! Hope someone can help me with this?! So I started using this online streaming service from Napster and was wondering if you could also save some tracks as mp3 file? I Would love to listen to music while doing my workout and I only have an old mp3 player…. Would be glad if there are any suggestions 🙂 Thanks!

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      as far as I know you can install the app and then you can download your music

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        not working

        by rebecca.stoerr ·

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        I should have claryfied it, my mp3 player isn’t capabale of running apps, so I was hoping for an other way to get my music on my mp3 player

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          3rd party software

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          Now I got it, thanks. Yes if you just google a bit, there are so many options to do this. For audio streaming I would recommend tunebite premium software. The recording quality is really good, it’s not that expensive and it’s super easy to use just look at this how-to instruction
          there’s everything explained 🙂

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