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Save time with the API Text Viewer

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Visual Basic e-newsletter describes how to save time with the API Text Viewer in VB6. Do you plan to use the API Viewer utility, as described in this tip? What time-saving VB hints would you like to share with your peers?

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Less cutting and pasting.....

by MartinWalke In reply to Save time with the API Te ...

I use the win.tlb for the Api definitions. Just include it in the project references and then access virtually any function or constant as you require. I say virtually because it doesn't contain all the functions defined. But according to, the win.tlb file contains "over 700 function entries focused specifically on those functions Visual Basic programmers are most likely to need".

Mind you the Api text viewer still has its uses for determining values of defined constants!

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A Better API Viewer

by MichelliL In reply to Less cutting and pasting. ...

Here is a better WinAPI viewer, which I actually use in my development.

There are numerous downloads there, including language packs, and even an SDK (Which I have never used so I cannot comment on.)

2 Reasons to use it:
1) It has MANY more API functions than VB's does.
2) It's free!

Personally, I think it is a much better option than the VB default version, but that is just one guy's opinion...

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Using win.tlb

by peter In reply to Less cutting and pasting. ...

I did not know about win.tlb and it does look useful. Unfortunately it is not part of Visual Basic but rather is provided on the CD that comes with a specific VB book. I did not find a place to download it. This means it is not usable except by people who bought that book. If you know of a public download source can you please post it?

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win.tlb download

by MartinWalke In reply to Using win.tlb


You can download it free from the book creators:

(watch the word wrapping)
There's also a unicode version there that only works with win2k upwards


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