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"Save web page" joke

By jedtimmer ·

Currently Win XP Pro (SP2); 256 MB RAM, Intel Celeron, 2.66 GHz

(but feel free to pick any Win OS - it's all the same crap, as far as the below goes)

Let me re-word this, since it didn't get anywhere last time:

Simple question (asked many times, without answer or solution in sight):

How do you stop a "Save web page" in progress when it justs sits there at 0%, for hours on
end - without crashing all your open programs,
websites, etc.' via stopping the process?

In the last decade or so, using at least 3 different Win versions,
pressing the "X" or "cancel" keys (umpteen thousand times) worked
maybe once or twice.

What sense is there in having the 'X' and 'cancel' tabs in a
message box if they never or hardly ever work?

That's like
false advertizing, in the real world and 'real' businesses
(as opposed to 'monkey businesses') get their pants sued off
for that kind of shenaningan.

What a misleading program function! Call that productive? efficient?


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Why stop something you shouldn't be doing?

by jdclyde In reply to "Save web page" joke

Your problem is using a bad program to get good results.

Look for a program called webcopier if you want to save web pages. It will copy an entire site, working links and all, as well as keep the directory structure in place.

Was a freeware program last time I downloaded it, and works great.

Good luck!

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Kill your process with....

by NZ_Justice In reply to "Save web page" joke
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terminate your internet connection

by michaelwilliams_892 In reply to "Save web page" joke

that is a problem, you cancel the save web page cause it just sits at 0% or some percentage, it just doesn't save. I have found kind of by accident if you terminate your connection - this ends the save web page and closes the window, if you have dial-up, just terminate your connection, if you have dsl or cable modem ... terminate that - this post is probably 2 years too late

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to "Save web page" joke

meet Task Manager.
Task Manager, meet Jed.

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