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Saving e-mails to a file: Outlook2K3

By JodyGilbert ·
Not long ago, I came across a basic tip for saving multiple Outlook messages into one text file ( I rely on this trick a lot for stuff like combining a batch of responses from members into one document to consolidate suggestions and feedback on articles or tools we've published.

So along came Outlook 2003, and I can't get the technique to work anymore. There's bound to be an obvious and easy fix, but I haven't uncovered it yet. I thought I'd see if any TechRepublic members could help.

What happens is this: I select multiple e-mails in an Outlook folder and choose Save As. I get prompted for the filename and Outlook gives me the default (and only) choice of saving as a txt file. The save works as usual, but when I open the text file, only the message headers are in there. I made sure Download Full Items was enabled, in case that made a difference, but it didn't seem to. If anyone can clue me in, please do. Such a simple thing, but so aggravating!

Jody Gilbert
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by TechKid In reply to Saving e-mails to a file: ...

Maybe you need to set Word as your default email editor??

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Saving e-mails to a file: ...

Try File, Import and Export, and save as a CSV file. It should save header and messages ok.

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by curlergirl In reply to Saving e-mails to a file: ...

Man! this is a tough works perfectly in my installation of Outlook2K3 and I can't even break it. I just tried for 1/2 hour changing all of the possible option settings I can think of, and it still works perfectly. My guess is that there's probably some translater or option that you didn't install when you installed Outlook that is needed to make this work. I always install every possible option that I think I might ever possibly need. I'd suggest running an add/remove components install on Outlook and see if you can find a translater or something like that that's not installed and that might be applicable.

Hope this helps!

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