Saving info from my hard drive

By shundalblakat ·
I have a HP laptop and it will not turn on. It is covered under warranty still and they will fix it. My problem is that I need to save all of my files and pics from it before I send it in to them for repair. I was told that I could do it myself, but don't know how. I can open the bottom and remove the hard drive, but am not sure what to do after that point. Can anyone help me? I called Best Buy and they said it would be $99 for them to do it. I can't imagine that it should be difficult to do and cannot see paying THAT much for it. Any/All suggestions are appreciated! =]

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Hard drive enclosure

by patb071 In reply to Saving info from my hard ...

You can buy a hard drive enclosure that will cost you alot less. All you will need to do is plug the drive into the closure and plug the enclosure into a usb port on a computer.
What is the model of your laptop? then we can show you the part you need.

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Model number of laptop

by shundalblakat In reply to Hard drive enclosure

My HP laptop is model #: dv9000, but on the underside sticker, it says dv9410us. I don't know which one you would need. Thanks so much for your help! Where would I purchase one of those?

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You need a HDD Adapted

by OH Smeg In reply to Saving info from my hard ...

And another working computer to save your Data to. So you require something like this

And after you plug your HDD into that you then switch on the other computer and let it boot. After the system has stabilized you plug in the USB Lead and copy your Data off the Old HDD if it is working. If you where using the Encryption Tool in XP you need to save the Encryption Key by following the directions here

It is vitally important that you do nothing to the HDD File Systems until after you have confirmed that your Data is Safe and readable.

When you are finished you need to use the Safely Remove Option on the Task Bar to prevent any possibility of damaging the File System on the HDD.


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what do you mean...

by shundalblakat In reply to You need a HDD Adapted

by "It is vitally important that you do nothing to the HDD File Systems until after you have confirmed that your Data is Safe and readable." Like what? How do get a HDD Adapt.?

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I mean Do Not make any changes to the File System

by OH Smeg In reply to what do you mean...

Until you have Backed up your Data & Settings as you run the risk of making your Data & Settings unreadable.

If you have a current Backup there isn't a problem but many people do not so they need to be careful.

There are only two types of computer users those who have lost off of their Data and those who are going to loose all of their Data.

While it is always possible to Recover Data off a working HDD it's expensive and if the HDD Dies it's even more expensive to get the data back. On Track recovered Data off a HDD that was on Colombia when it was destroyed and they got Data off of 1 HDD that impacted a Swamp at a great rate of knots. I'm scared to even consider what it cost but for Business I have seen bills of $56,000.00 to run a urgent Recovery and a dropped HDD that no longer worked. Working HDD are cheaper but the more that you do now determines how much time and money it costs to get the Data Back. Typically here I get a $900.00 bill for the quote and that gets taken off the Finial Bill if it is done. However with most of the jobs that I have to get done it's not a matter of how much it costs but How Much Data can be recovered.

How do get a HDD Adapt.?

Go into your local Computer Shop and buy one. Or if they don't know what you are asking for Google it and look for someone in your area. The adapters are a Good option when you don't know which type of HDD is in use or if you need to test things as it accepts all current generation HDD. If you opt for a External Enclosure you need one for 2.5 Inch IDE, one for 3.5 Inch IDE and one for SATA HDD's. The adapter can take all 3 drive types.

There are over 10,000,000 listings there.


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