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i came across a process where full version online flash games can be played offline,they can be downloaded & saved using mozilla firefox.
I went thru the process with perfection committing no error at all & the entire file got saved too but the file that was saved is in .dcr format or has an extension by the same initials,i looked up every possible link to play the dcr file & found macromedia flash to be the best suited application,i think it may also work on adobe flash player which although installed in my system cannot be found,i mean its visible in control p[anel programs list with uninstall option but i have no idea about its resident folder.

I have 2 to 3 queries & desperately need specifically accurate & practically deployable answers as my 3 year old kid has nagged my brains off,anyone who can give accurate solution will have got himself a friend for life whom he can call upon day or night

System acer 4630z extensa,1gb ram,windows vista home basic licensed
browsers default opera,backups IE & firefox

Q 1) How do i open a .DCR file on my existing sytem settings & config ?

Q 2) If it cant be opened with defaults mentioned above what will i have to download to get the same running ?

Q 3) Is there any way that the .DCR file can be converted into some other format but its execution & operation will not be affected ,i mean my kid can play the game as he does online without errors ,crash,hang,etc ??

I saved the files from which has tons of games that can be played online only but uf you save as using mozilla firefox then you can also play offline.

An immediate & accurate reply at the urgent earliest in this regard will be highly appreciated & i assure you of 2 things.....

1st loyal,sincere,undying lifetime friendship online or offline as per your preference.

2nd you will never run out of movie cd's & dvds as i have a major collection

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Not sure what add-on..

by syxguns In reply to Saving & Playing flash ga ...

But as long as you have Firefox, then make sure you have the plugins for both Adobe Flash and Shockwave. Even if you are not online with your PC you should still be able to open the .dcr file using Firefox.


The only other thing that I can think of is using PowerPoint to play Director Movies. I don't think that will work in this case. You may read about that here:

Most of the time .dcr files are RAW image files for Kodak. Let me know if the Firefox works after you have installed the plugins.

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thanks a ton

by In reply to Not sure what add-on..

i already have both installed already tried to download an embed file from but it does not run how do i get it to run ???

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Page Info?

by Kingbackwards In reply to Saving & Playing flash ga ...

In firefox if you go to Tools > Page Info (its also accessible through the right click menu just make sure your right clicking in the correct frame and not on the flash object) Click on the Media tab and thats the list of all media objects.

Find the ".swf" or ".flv" on the list and you can highlight them and "save as..." them to your local machine. Running them from there will open them in the Flash player by default.

Unless there is a special reason for using that program, I think this should be much easier and give you the desired results.

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tried it does not work

by In reply to Page Info?

save as was 100% successful but it does not run just the begining screen is displayed after that no progress either visibly or audibly

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DCR - Shockwave

by Bizzo In reply to Saving & Playing flash ga ...

.DCR is a shockwave file, you will need a shockwave player, not a flash player (.SWF):

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The steps to take

by syxguns In reply to Saving & Playing flash ga ...

With Firefox go to the site that has the game and then select Tools - Page Info and then select the Media tab.

You should see a .swf file there. Select the .swf file and save it to your computer. Now you should be able to open the file with Firefox without being online.

I noticed some sites that have this option blocked, so it may be a little tricky, but this is the best solution I can come up with at this time.

Edit: Actually, I just went to and could not download a game. I was however able to download a game from a different site. Maybe see if the game you want is located somewhere else.

Good luck!! :)

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