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    Saving web pages for future viewing?


    by cemetery mike ·

    How does one go about saving a web page for archival purposes? I am currently working for a series of sites that may ? unfortunately ? be pulled from cyberspace by the publisher, and I wish to save these sites for my own personal viewing. Is this as simple as SAVE AS webpage command in Internet Explorer? Or does this only work if the site is still online? Is there some special software that I need? Respectfully, please ? if you do not know, no guesses ? I need to absolutely sure on this. Thanks to everyone in advance for their help.

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      by cemetery mike ·

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      Not so easy

      by jdmercha ·

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      Unless you have direct access to the server directory, it is not all that easy. If the web pages are straight HTML, then you can do a ‘save as’ to save the HTML code. But then you need to find all the graphics that link fro that page, and save them seperately.

      But if the web pages are ASP, or some other programming format, you might have difficulty locating all the files.

      The best bet is to try it out before the pages dissappear. And save as much as you can find.

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        Word Press blogs

        by cemetery mike ·

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        If it helps, these sites are all Word Press blogs, with pictures included. There is also some flash at the top of some, but other than that, no other bells and whistles that I know of, really . . .

        Will save as HTML work for these?

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      Anyone? Anyone?

      by cemetery mike ·

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      Any other suggestions here? Sorry to bump this thread again, but this is very important to me. Can I save the entire contents of a Word Press blog simply by saving the HTML? Does that save Flash material as well?

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        try the different options

        by locolobo ·

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        Actually jdmercha gave you the best advice. Try the different options under “Save As”. You may have to alter the links to point to the new locations of other pages or pics. In a text editor such as Notepad look for “a href=” in the document, change the link to the new location. I’ve only done it once or twice myself and can’t remember if the “Web Page Complete” option fixes the links for you or not. Yep this can take some time.

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      Try a PDF

      by teaching information systems ·

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      If you do the save as, you can wind up with some large files. (Graphics and html files.) I currently save a lot of websites as PDFs. I first go to printer the friendly version and then create a PDF. Most are under 30k.

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        by locolobo ·

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        Do you need the full version of Adobe to do that? I didn’t see that version under “Save As”.

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