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    Saving windows Xp activation key


    by ondeda ·

    i would like to format my machine because it was atracked by a virus.but i want to save my activation key to use it to reactivate it afterwards without having to worry about microsoft telling me that it has already been used…

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      by ondeda ·

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      it should…..

      by —tk— ·

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      be on the side of your box… or on the bottom of your laptop… you will have to reactivate it no matter what. If you get the activated to many times error, call them they will activate it for you.

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        If you don’t

        by wizard-09 ·

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        Have it on the side of your box you can use this little tool to display all the keys on your computer google keyfinder 2.0.1 great little tool 😉

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      Got to “Belarc”…….

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Belarc will give you the Keys that you will need. Just click on the link and then do a printout for you to see ALL of your keys to your software. 🙂
      Go here:

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        Activation or installation key?

        by sidekick ·

        In reply to Got to “Belarc”…….

        If you’re talking about the key you put in when installing, then the previous posts will suit your needs.

        If your talking about activation after Windows is installed, I can’t say I have ever seen anything for that on Belarc, and I haven’t used Jellybean in a while, so I can’t say.

        If your reinstalling on the same hardware, then Microsoft should recognize it is the same computer and allow it to activate. If you changed some hardware, such as replacing a motherboard, and Microsoft saw this as a different machine and didn’t allow the activation over the internet, you can just call the number it gives you, tell the nice Microsoft person that you changed the motherboard, or your computer died and you are legally installing your copy of Windows on another computer, or whatever, and they will get you activated.

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      there is a tool for this…

      by snuffy09 ·

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      download a small app/utility called magic jellybean it will display your windows key.

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