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Saying NO after saying YES

By vjcant ·
I recently accepted a job offer with another company who were giving me a 40% salary increase. I then went to my present company to put in my two week notice and they proceeded to give me a counter offer that would match the other company. I have been with my present company for 2 years and my main reason for leaving was because I felt i wasn't being given the value that I'm worth based on the skillset and value I bring to the company. So with my present company realizing this, it would be in my best interest to stay since the issue has been resolved. I like the people where I am now and the type of work that I do. As far as the other company, the type of work would be the same as now, benefits are pretty much equal, and everything else stacks up. So what is the best way to tell the other company that i'm declining the offer I already accepted? Is this a typical thing that happens and are there any issues that I should be concerned with.

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by JamesRL In reply to Saying NO after saying YE ...

You suggest that things have been resolved at your old company...think they will stay that way?

If you had to resort to leaving to get their attention, who says you won't be in the same position two years from now.

Unless other factors are changing, I wouldn't decline the offer you accepted originally.


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by DMambo In reply to LOL

I can't offer anything more than what James has said, but I agree with him 100% Time to cut and run.

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I would also hazard to guess

by Mickster269 In reply to Ditto

That now your current company is paying your 40% more than they were, their expectations for you will also rise 40%.

If you expect to maintain status quo work for your new level of pay...I think everyone is going to be unsatisifed.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Ditto

show that some huge percent of people who accept counter offers from their current employer are NOT with them 6 months from that point.

After accepting counter offer, you are looked on as:
1) not having loyalty to that company
2) easy to get rid of as you were going to leave anyway
(and what the previous posts said about things not having changed either situation or compensation wise)

change jobs, learn something new, in the end you'll be happier and learn more.

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by jdclyde In reply to Stats

this 40% is just the start.

The next thing they will do is make everyone start to "document what you do in a day".

Then they can look to find YOUR replacement and not be rushed. The extra money now is worth it to them to keep the position filled until they are ready.

Take the new position and come in fresh as the "expert" who has ALWAYS been worth that much.

Think of the resentment your present co-workers will feel when they hear you are making almost double what they are? That or you have been underpaid all along.

Don't be afraid of the change. You are just gravitating towards the known and comfortable which is normal but not healthy.

Take that new job and things WILL only get better!

Good luck.

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Agree with the Stats

by K2 YYC In reply to Stats

Stats consistently show that people who stay due to a counter-offer leave the company within 6 months.

So you had to quit so they would appreciate you and pay you what you feel you are worth. Might be nice to be at a place that didn't need such drastic action to address employee concerns.


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by jdclyde In reply to Ditto

welcome home.

Will you be blogging about your trip for us?

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****, no

by DMambo In reply to Mambo

Nobody gives a crap about my boring life! The closest I'll come to that is my latest post in jck's beer thread.

Thanks for the welcome though.

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****, yes

by jdclyde In reply to Hell, no

We have been talking about you the whole time you were gone! (hee hee)

Put it up, we will come.

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I was there too....

by NaotaKunBr In reply to LOL

I've passed through this one time and stay at the same company. This was possible because the company's culture allowed it.
The reasons for looking outside were pretty much the same.

I've been there for more 3 years and then all things happened again. This time, as mentioned by someone on the response thread, "i put my mind outside the company". And it was good, reinforcing the feel of changing things (and getting better).


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