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    SBACKUP 5 with HP SureStore DAT 24


    by sabreman92 ·

    SBACKUP does not recognize the HP tape drive. We have tried the solutions suggested at the Novell and HP support sites. We feel that it is a HAM driver issue, but cannot see a solution.

    Does anyone have a workaround?

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      SBACKUP 5 with HP SureStore DAT 24

      by deroode ·

      In reply to SBACKUP 5 with HP SureStore DAT 24

      Do you see an unbound Storage Object in monitor / Storage Devices? Than you can presume the Ham driver can see the device, and it’s up to the CDM to recognize it.
      Have you tried different Tape custom device modules? When you load a HAM driver and it sees a tapedrive it will autoload a NWTAPE.CDM. You could try to load a different tape cdm first, e.g. cpqstape.cdm, nwaspi.cdm

      Good luck

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