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SBS 2000 mem usage

By fredrik ·
I have a sbs 2000 running on w2k server, the server is a IBM e220 1Ghz cpu with 896 mb ram, just put in another 512 ( before 384 ), after approx 24 hours there is only 5% mem free, we are 4 workstations in network, My question are, do I need even more mem than 896? Of course this depends on usage of server, but what I can see och cpu usage on server ( normaly between 2-30% ) depending on what we do. Before when with 384 mb ram had about 2-5% free mem, and now same thing happends but now I have 896 mb, is this still not enought mem?

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If it has SQL....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to SBS 2000 mem usage

If it is a version of SBS that has SQL, and SQL is running, you may need to throttle back the amount of RAM SQL grabs. SQL, by default, grabs quite a bit of RAM, and won't relinquish it unless told to do so.

Adding more memory, if this is the case, won't rectify performance SQL will just grab the additional memory, as well.

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by fredrik In reply to If it has SQL....

No I don?t have the SBS SQL running, but I have a Pervasive SQL for our MPL system, it takes about 80 mb, but this has been running even before the memory upgrade ( with same amount used ).

But do you think I should put in another 512 mb om mem ( total 1408 mb, 512+512+256+128 ) or is it waste of money?

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