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    SBS 2003 and Windows 2003 Server


    by tarak ·

    Hi guys.

    I am really stuck with the sbs 2003. we have 2 servers. 1 with sbs 2003 and abother with windows 2003. it is shame that sbs 2003 could not create trust relationship with windows 2003. we are using sbs 2003 for data and exchange server and another server for newly bought ERP system.the user belongs to sbs 2003 are unable to use resources of windows server 2003.

    do you guys have any idea to overcome this problem?


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      by tarak ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 and Windows 2003 Server


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      what resources?

      by downrighttired ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 and Windows 2003 Server

      what kind of resources are you trying to access? what specifically happens when you try to access them? are the two servers on the same domain. are both domain controllers?

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        by tarak ·

        In reply to what resources?

        we have main SBS 2003 server, all users are authenticated by SBS 2003 and also exchange server.

        We bought new ERP system and installed on another server which had windows 2003 server this moment we created workgroup on ERP server so users on SBS 2003 access ERP Data (in the form of folders).

        Now, we are implementing E-commerce and have another server with Windows 2003 server OS. we can apply same concept and create new workgroup to sort out all access issue. our e-com server will be connected with payment gateway so it should be secure so we decided to make it as domain.

        so now you can see we have 2 servers with windows 2003 servser and 1 server with SBS 2003. at the end of the day we want to create trust relationship betwen both windows 2003 servers. if we do that none of the user on SBS 2003 able to access folders located on wondows 2003 should i resolve this problem. i have to take decision in terms of time,quality and money.

        i appreciate your advise.


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          I Have the opposite situation

          by anas.mroueh ·

          In reply to Resources

          I already have 2003 server as a domain controller and has all applications. I need to add a new server with 2003 SBS to the domain and be able to import data from the existing server.

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      no trusts in SBS

      by cg it ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 and Windows 2003 Server

      join the W2003 server to the SBS domain, OR migrate/upgrade the SBS domain to a standard W2003 domain.

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        Join Win 2003 server to SBS 2003

        by tarak ·

        In reply to no trusts in SBS

        how one can join Win 2003 server to SBS 2003 as it does not allow trust relationship…?


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      Your install was wrong

      by ericmac ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 and Windows 2003 Server

      I have added sbs servers to existing w2k and 2k3 domains.
      during the install and before the active directory setup begins you need to manually add the sbs server to the domain. then promote it to a dc and then you transfer all fsmo roles to the sbs server. Now you have one sbs domain with two DC’s. … I know some guys will tell you that sbs can only have one dc but that is wrong I do it all the time. I set up about a dozen networks like this. The process is totally transpearent to the users…

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        ericmac is correct

        by cg it ·

        In reply to Your install was wrong

        With SBS the SBS server must have all roles and can not create a trust with other domains. you can have additional domain controllers for redundancy including a DC with the global catalog role. Also there can be member servers and additional exchange servers up to the 75 CAL limit.

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          I purchased a DELL with SBS server installed

          by kroyer ·

          In reply to ericmac is correct

          Can I still add it to the 2003 STD domain then promote it? I just plugged it in and it is auto configuring everything. I only have 10 users here so it may be easier to demote the old DC and recreate rights to shares.

          With 2003 MS does not reccomend not having a 2nd DC because you would loose your AD with a crash i can’t belive they won’t allow a second DC with SBS.

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          no but you can add the W2003

          by cg it ·

          In reply to I purchased a DELL with SBS server installed

          to the SBS domain then promote it to a DC on the SBS domain.

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        SBS users connecting to remote Terminal server

        by bill.woods ·

        In reply to Your install was wrong

        We are having intermittent trust problems with a terminal server hosted remotely when SBS domain users use remote desktop to connect. Sometimes they get a connection OK but other times they get a trust error message. Any idea why sometimes they can connect and sometimes not? This terminal server is not part of our domain.

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