SBS 2003: companyweb etc is ok, but no file sharing

By SandervdH ·
Hi everyone,

I have a new server with Windows 2003 Small Business R2 with all update's, called SBS01. It has two NIC's, one for the internal network (LAN) and one for the ADSL-internet (WAN). The WAN-side receives its IP-address from the ADSL-router and works fine. The DHCP-server is active in the LAN-side and works fine. When I connect a computer (via a switch) on the LAN, it gets a valid IP-address and the computer can browse the internet. Also, when the computer connects to the SBS-website at http://SBS01/ it displays the SBS-website. On this website I can connect the computer, but on the final step I receive an error message stating the network-path cannot be found.
If I try to add the computer to the domain by right-clicking My Computer (entering the domain.local), I receive an error 53: Network path not found.
For testing, I created an shared folder called DATA, with Full-control NTFS-rights for everyone. I i access this folder from the server using //SBS01/DATA, I see the folder, but if I try this from the computer, I again receive an error Networkpath not found.
I can ping the server using IP and using servername.
There is no AntiVirus installed (yet).
I've tried all the SBS-wizards, and after a few days searching on the internet, I still can't get it to work...

Does anybody have a bright idea to help me?



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Found it!

by SandervdH In reply to SBS 2003: companyweb etc ...

I've found it...

I swapped the networkadapter and re-run the Internet Connection Wizard. After this, the File- and Printersharing tickbox was off. So I switched this on, and.... it works!

I still don't understand why the File- and Printersharing keep switched off on both NIC's.

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