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    SBS 2003 Companyweb


    by med103 ·

    I’ve got one workstation that is not able to view the companyweb
    page. It was working, but of course now it’s not. The can log into
    the network and it isn’t remote it is a local connection. What
    would prevent one computer from seeing the site. Other users
    can’t see the site from this computer either. Thanks for any

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      No one?

      by med103 ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 Companyweb

      I am still having this problem and I haven’t found a solution. It is
      strange because the computer this is happening to was the
      computer that was set for auto-back up but now that is failing
      as well. The computer can log on and see everything, but for
      some reason isn’t communicating with the server. On the server
      I can see that the computer is attached. Another strange thing
      has been happening, It’s happened to two ports around the
      office. I unplug a computer’s RJ45 and plug it into a laptop along
      the way the network cable unplugged icon appears after being
      able to connect. Then I run the cable back to the work station
      and it still says unplugged, but this is a connection that works
      all day everyday. What could be causing this? Thanks for any

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      You checked your firewall settings?

      by m0r1arty ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 Companyweb

      Either check to see if XP’s default firewall is enabled (Turn it off if it is), and also check that the 2 comps have permission to write to each other.

      Chances are its the firewall

      I hope this helps!


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      by markeskdale ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 Companyweb

      Hi maybe a bit simple but I have had it when our SBS 2003 servers dns was unavailable. also when a router had a fault and started anouncing it’s self as the dhcp server causing conflicts

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        by ·

        In reply to DNS

        you may also want to try putting your server info in the hosts and lmhosts files.

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      by warren.ramjee ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 Companyweb

      Hi check your network ntlm settings on both client and worksation.

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