SBS 2003 DHCP Server with Router

By skiniemini ·
My SBS 2003 Server is not giving the client computers an IP address. The only way I can get them on the internet is if I manually configure the network adapter.

This is how I have it set up.
The modem goes to the router and from the router it goes to the server and all the other computers. I have the DHCP server off on the router and the clients still cannot get an IP address from the DHCP server on the SBS 2003 Server.

I have ran the wizard on the SBS 2003 Server a few times and went through all the settings to make sure they are all configured right.

Does any one have an idea of what the problem could be?

Thanks In Advance!

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Are clients set to accept DHCP? From the DHCP server you want?

by seanferd In reply to SBS 2003 DHCP Server with ...

Is the DHCP server actually doing anything?

You have provided little to no actual information. I'd start checking with ipconfig /all from the workstations, maybe a little nslookup. Break out the big guns and do some packet capture with Wireshark to see if the DHCP server is doing anything at all. Check appropriate logs on the server and clients...

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by skiniemini In reply to Are clients set to accept ...

Ok, I will look around and find out whats going on with it.

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If I am reading your description of the LAN Correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SBS 2003 DHCP Server with ...

You need to disable the DHCP on the Server Platform and enable it on the Router.

The only way to get the Server to issue DHCP Addressing is to run the workstation/s through it not in Parallel to it.


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You Sure?

by skiniemini In reply to If I am reading your desc ...

You sure? I've been running like this ever since I got this server and It's been working but lately for like the past year, it hasn't. I have had to configure Static IP Addresses on all the computers.

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Well the normal way to distribute

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You Sure?

Is to feed the signal from the router to the Server and then to the remainder of the network.

This requires that the Server has 2 NIC interfaces which is normal for most servers these days.

However if you have the router feeding the network along with the Server the server would have to be sending the addressing through the Router back to the remainder of the network. While it may work any Firmware Updates to the Router or Patches to the Server may break this setup.


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single nic configuration for SBS

by CG IT In reply to SBS 2003 DHCP Server with ...

you run the connect to the internet wizard from the things to do list in the server managment console [look in left pane of the managment console].

make sure you check the box, my server uses a single network card.

run the wizard through to the end.

workstations need obtain IP address & DNS automatically.

when you join a workstation to the SBS domain, you use the connectcomputer wizard from the workstation web browser.

from a workstation open a command prompt, type ipconfig/all default gateway should be the router, DNS should show the SBS box, and an address from DHCP.

if not, check to make sure DHCP is running. from the SBS box, go to admin tools, DHCP. make sure there is a green check mark next to the server name. if not stop then restart DHCP services.

If at any time you stopped using DHCP services eg unauthorized the scope, you will have to create a new scope [new subnet] and authorize it. old scope won't work right if you unauthorized it and then try to reauthorize it.

To include your ISP DNS servers as #2 and #3 , you can add them to the DNS option in DHCP, but you must always have the SBS box as the first DNS server to use. the SBS box will forward unresolved queries from clients to root hint or forwarders. This is how clients get to the internet. The SBS box forwards queries and then sends the resolved query back to the workstation.

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Do what CG said

by Churdoo In reply to single nic configuration ...

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