SBS 2003 dual NIC configuration

By djhill8262 ·
I've just reinstalled a Dell PE2600 with SBS 2003. I was initially using a single NIC, but was having problems losing DNS resolution. Using info in other threads here I've now enabled a second NIC for the LAN side; there are currently no clients connected. My questions relate to whether the config I have now is optimal (or at east correct), and how I should add clients in the future.

Here is the topology:

+ DSL modem connects directly to SonicWall (hardware firewall)
+ SonicWall has fixed IP (WAN side) and LAN IP of; routes all traffic to (via NAT); LAN port connects to 5-port switch
+ PE2600 connects to switch via side 1 of dual port NIC config'd as follows:
+- IP
+- SN
+- GW
+- primary and secondary DNS are set (via CEICW) to the ISP's DNS's, but IPCONFIG shows them as (the server), so I assume these are routed internaly by SBS 2003.

+ The second side of the dual-port NIC is disabled.

+ The LAN-side gigabit NIC is enabled and configured as follows:

+- IP: (but, see below)
+- SM:
+- GW: (blank)
+- primary DNS:
+- secondary DNS: (blank)

Viewing the DHCP config, I can see that I " (SBS Scope)" was configured automatically.

Now for the questions:

1) is the above optimal, or at least correct?
2) should I remove the primary DNS setting from the LAN-side NIC? Another thread here suggests that I should.
3) should I use a different address and subnet for the LAN-side NIC, such as If so, will the DHCP scope be reset automatically, or will I have to do that manually?
4) since I have a hardware firewall, is there any way I can completely disable the SBS 2003 firewall?

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run the connect to the internet wizard

by CG IT In reply to SBS 2003 dual NIC configu ...

from the things to do list in the server management console.

You must run this wizard because it configures all components of SBS including IIS, DHCP, Exchange, Sharepoint etc.

You can't not run the connect to the internet wizard and expect SBS to run properly.

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CEICW didn't display pages for LAN-side NIC

by djhill8262 In reply to run the connect to the in ...

Yes, I ran the CEICW, but the only NIC configuration pages that came up were for the Broadnad (WAN-side) NIC - there were no pages to configure the second (LAN-side) NIC, or to configure DHCP. I used the option "a local router device with an IP address" since my topology now matches that shown in the upper diagram ("Router connection with 2 network adapters").

Should I have used the "direct broadband connection" option instead? that topology diagram looks identical, too, but the text in "more information" suggests it does not account for the presence of my firewall.

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run the Connect to the internet wizard

by CG IT In reply to CEICW didn't display page ...

When your run the CIECW, the first page parameters are setting up the type of connect. If you use a router, there is a check box in lower left side. That checkbox title is called "my computer connects to the internet using a single nic, uncheck the box, continue running the wizard.

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Got it.

by djhill8262 In reply to run the Connect to the in ...

Rats - I've been thru the wizard so many times to set addresses that I stopped seeing the "single adpater" checkbox. Thanks!

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Velcome :)

by CG IT In reply to Got it.

must warn you though, all network traffic and I literally mean "all" goes through the SBS box. If you have more than a couple of workstations, you'll tax your SBS box considerably.

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