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SBS 2003 Email Forwarding Rule

By AndeAnderson ·
I recently upgraded from an NT 4.0 Server to a brand new Dell Poweredge 1600c Server. But, they failed to inform me that the software support I thought came with it was optional. The information and advertising were a "little" misleading in what support they provided actually was (None). In other words, "You have to pay me to make sure what I sold you works."

Now, I am trying to learn the new Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 through books and research. There is a lot I do not understand about it and the Exchange that came with it. It is a BIG step to take from NT 4.0 to SBS 2003.

My problem right now is trying to get the Exchange to work with the pre-Installed Outlook 2003. I can't get the Outlook 2003 Rules Wizard to automatically "Forward" emails. That had been a pretty straightforward and simple task when I used POP3 accounts. Now, with the website and emails pulled in-house behind a firewall this Rule just will not work.

The main headache is that our Sales Manager has a T-Mobile Blackberry, which he had become accustomed to having retrieve all of his emails from his Enterprise Email Account. That function stopped about three weeks ago, when T-Mobile reset their systems and Blackberry had some server problems. I am now being told, after it had worked for three months, by Blackberry that they do not and will never provide support for Microsoft Outlook 2003 for retrieving Enterprise Emails.

So, now my question is: How do I get the Automatic Forwarding Rule to work and forward this man's Email to his Blackberry?

When I check the Status in the Microsoft Exchange Services I found:

First Organization (Exchange) | Tools | Monitoring and Status | Status | Default Microsoft Exchange Services....Stopped

Yet, when I look in Services I can find no Exchange Services that are Stopped.

I can't find any reference to this even in the Microsoft Exchange Website.

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by BFilmFan In reply to SBS 2003 Email Forwarding ...

Someone at Blackberry was yanking your leg. They do support the US Army Reserve's implementation of Exchange 2003 with well over 100,000 Blackberries.

This has been answered over on Exchange Experts:

And here too:

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

There is a difference between your implementation and ours. You probably have the Blackberry Enterprise Server installed.

We only have one Blackberry and they wanted to charge an additional fee for us to use the Enterprise Server. The Blackberry Tech Support people flat out tell me they do not and never will support Web Access or connectivity for Outlook 2003. They said there are too many options in it to be able to link up.

The Exchange Experts offers some ideas and alternatives. Thanks.

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by ppoll In reply to SBS 2003 Email Forwarding ...

I haven't used exchange 2003, but this is how you'd do it in exchange 2000, see if it works the same in 2003. Go to Active Directory users and computers on the exchange server, then go into your sales manager's user properties- exchange general tab- delivery options. There you can configure e-mail to be automatically forwarded to a contact (e-mail address) that you have set up in your active directory.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

The setting is there but will not allow me to forward the email to an outside account. When I typed in the Blackberry Email account it just responded with an "unable to find name" error.

What a stupid way to set-up email forwarding.

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by CG IT In reply to SBS 2003 Email Forwarding ...

can't tell you about Blackberry and fowarding emails to a Blackberry "from" an Outlook account automatically. Outlook 2003 configured to use Exchange 2003 is a pretty straight foward, one configuration deal. You CAN create new email accounts in Outlook to get mail in different ways. POP3, Exchange Server, IMAP, HTTP, or use another mail server.

The monitoring and Status/Status/Exchange Services "Stopped" error message you see when you open up the monitoring and Status tool is in there by default. The default monitoring is limited as monitoring Exchange and providing reports chews up resources. It doesn't mean Exchange Services has stopped. you have to expand the monitoring you want in the left pane of the monitoring and status snap-in to see what actually is being monitored in Exchange. Usually MTA, System Attendant, Exchange IS, mailbox clean up when scheduled.

If Blackberry says they won't support Exchange Server 2003 / and Outlook 2003 then ooops. I think Blackberry made a mistake there. Have you tried the blackberry enterprise server management software on Exchange 2003?

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

Thanks for the information on the Exchange Stopped message.

I am new to this SBS 2003 and the person who installed the server had their own ideas on how the server needed to be set-up.

I ended up with some really strange arrangements. For example, they didn't believe in having the UPS interfaced with the server for ShutDowns and Restarts.

I do not know where to begin in setting up the different email protocols in SBS 2003. I wish the documentation was a little clearer.

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by ppoll In reply to SBS 2003 Email Forwarding ...

In reference to answer #2. You're right, you can't put in an outside forwarding address. I don't know why microsoft did it that way. But you can create a contact with an outside e-mail address and then set up the user to forward to that contact. Go to ADUC and right click on a container and choose new --> contact. Then follow the wizard to create the new contact. Then go back to your sales manager's user properties, exchange general tab, delivery options, and tell it to deliver to that new contact you just created. It will then forward to the outside account. I do it all the time with my users who want to get their e-mail at home on their personal e-mail accounts.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to

Outstanding! That's working.

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by AndeAnderson In reply to SBS 2003 Email Forwarding ...

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