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SBS 2003 Exchange: New Mailbox for old user

By dsteele51 ·
Suppose you are running Small Business Server 2003 and a user needs to have their mailbox deleted and recreated. Under Exchange 2000 that was fairly easy but I have not been able to find a white paper or talk to someone who has accomplished this in SBS 2003. Any ideas?

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can you....

by jbaker In reply to SBS 2003 Exchange: New Ma ...

...give an example of when this would be necessary? I ahve noticed that it is not a simple thing to move a mailbox either (for example, a temporary worker (with a temp logon) becomes permanent, and you want to give them a personal logon rather than a temp logon.

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by dsteele51 In reply to can you....

I have a user with a corrupt mailbox that has brought down the whole store. If I delete her mailbox I would like to be able to re-create it and tie it to her current user id. Is this even possible in SBS without deleting the user and starting completely over (not an option in this case)?

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by dsteele51 In reply to can you....

Excuse me for not getting back to this sooner. Let's suppose the user has either a corrupted mailbox or has greatly exceeded the size limits. In the second case the mailbox could be manually cleaned up but in the first this is not always possible. The ideal would be to delete the original mailbox and recreate it. Exchange as presented in SBS2003 does not allow the administrator to manually change, view or manage a current mailbox nor does it allow creation of a new mailbox for the user without creating a new user. Does that help? Thanks!

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by alpjohn In reply to SBS 2003 Exchange: New Ma ...

- From Outlook export the mailbox to a .pst file. At the Choose folder dialog be sure to choose the top Mailbox folder and check off Include all Subfolders. I recommend opening the .pst file and comparing the original folder contents with the .pst folders to insure everything backed up before proceeding. If you have errors creating the .pst try changing the encryption method to no encryption.

- From Active Directory Computers & Users, right click on the user account and choose Exchange tasks. Choose Delete Mailbox. (default SBS container - yourdomain\MyBusiness\Users\SBSUsers)

- From Exchange System Manager, in the left pane, right click on the mailbox container and choose Run Cleanup Agent. Then in the right pane, right click on the users mailbox ( it will now have an X next to it ) and choose Purge. (default SBS container - Servers\yourservername\FirstStorageGroup\MailboxStore\Mailboxes)

- From Active Directory Computers & Users, right click on the user account and choose Exchange tasks. Choose Create Mailbox.

- From Outlook import the mailbox from the .pst file you created in the first step.

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This works but it is a bit of a hack..

by Glubbdrubb In reply to

Lets say I deleted John Smith's email box at and he logs on as JohnSmith

When I check his user account all the Exchange tabs are missing. So I am stuck for now.

First, Create a user called John who logs on as John and whose email address is

Then go to this new user's mailbox and delete it. It should still appear there.

Run the Cleanup Agent on the store by right clicking on the folder that contains all of the mailboxes.

A little cross will now appear on John's email box. Right click on it and select "Reconnect"

Type in John Smiths' name and press OK.

Go back to the list of users in SBS AD.

Delete John (not the original John Smith).

Go into the properties of John Smith and select the Email Address tab.

Remember we want his email address to be the same as his old one:

It will probably show an email address: Add or replace that with Make that the Primary address.

You need to fiddle around a bit, but this worked for me.

Have fun!

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