SBS 2003 Installation problem

By stevenmcclay ·
Hi all, I have been trying to install a new SBS 2003 server in an existing domain. The old DC is a 2000 SP4 server. I was able to run forestprep and domainprep successfully. I joined the new sbs server to the domain and successfully transfered all of the FSMO roles and the global catalogue as per the M$ technet article. Netdiag and dcdiag both come back with no errors. However now when i click on the link to continue the setup of SBS 2003 it gives me an error stating that i need to be a member of the domain admins, enterprise admins, and schema admins groups and will not continue. I have triple checked the admin account and i am a member of all of those groups. Has anyone seen this sort of problem before?

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Still old dc running

by oskari.koskinen In reply to SBS 2003 Installation pro ...

If the old dc is still up and running you must dcpromo it?s role down. Did you get your aduc working in new sbs? if not there is the problem. I?m not specialist with sbs but you need to make sure that there is only on dc in your domain when there is sbs involved.

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Old dc is still running

by stevenmcclay In reply to Still old dc running

Hi, and thanks for the post. The old dc is still running, and the AD users and computers data seems to be working on the new sbs server. I will demote the old dc and see if that solves the issue.

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by jasonlane3 In reply to Old dc is still running

You can in fact have more than one DC in an SBS domain. The only problem is you cant have 2 SBS servers in a domain because SBS is required to hold ALL FSMO roles. Removing the old dc might work but I would be more willing to say there is a nested permissions issue somewhere with the admin account due to the transfer. Something you will learn about SBS is some intern went seriously overboard with group security and still didn't really get it right.

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access rights

by manoj_mhk In reply to SBS 2003 Installation pro ...

Please add your name in the domain admins, enterprise admins, and schema admins groups if you are using other than administrator login to access SBS Server other than .Set trust relationship both way because in win2000 dc by default the trust relationship is disabled.

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you really can't install SBS into an existing domain

by CG IT In reply to SBS 2003 Installation pro ...

you can migrate an existing domain into a SBS domain using what's called swing migration, you can use ADMT and Exmerge [if you have Exchange already] and use them to move/migrate users and mailboxes to the SBS domain.

However, joining the SBS box to a domain before you run the SBS setup, meaning that you just install Windows 2003 Server, will not let the wizards run properly and setup your DNS, DHCP, Exchange, AD without problems, even if you transfer FMSO roles to the SBS box before you run the SBS setup wizards

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