SBS 2003 IP & DNS settings

By glen ·
Going to an office tomorrow that looses connection to it's servers mapped drives. Since they just relocated I want to double check their ip settings.

They have an SBS 2003 with one NIC, the server and clients have a static IP addresses. They have a wireless router, with dhcp turned on with a scope higher than the static ip addresses for a few wireless laptops.

What should the Default gateway be on the clients? The server IP address or router?

What should the Pri. and Sec. DNS be set to on the clients. The Server, the router or the ISp's DNS?

What should these settings be on the server?


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here's the info

by glen In reply to SBS 2003 IP & DNS setting ...

The server was set to'

Static IP:
Default Gateway: (the routers IP)
Primary DNS:
Alternative DNS:

The client was:
static IP:
Default Gate Way: (router)
Primary DNS: (server)
Alternative DNS : (Primary dns from dsl modem)
Alternative DNS 2: (alternative dns from dsl modem)

Does this seem right?

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use the CIECW wizard

by CG IT In reply to here's the info

do not manually configure clients and the server on a SBS Box.

use the Connect to the Internet Wizard from the "Things to do" checklist in the system management console. [see left pane].

Let the wizard setup the server and DHCP server on the SBS box. disable the DHCP server on your router.

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Hi Glen,

by ben In reply to SBS 2003 IP & DNS setting ...

you should put the Server IP address into the clients preferred dns server not the ISP dns.


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