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    SBS 2003 Mailbox Stores


    by andeanderson ·

    The Echange portion of SBS 2003 is slowing eating up my server hard drive space beyond resonable limits and I do not see what can be done to it.

    The Mailboxes show an unbelievable number of email messages stored. When I check using Outlook 2000 and through the Outlook Web Access I can only find a total of 367 messages and the Deleted Folder has been emptied, first thing I checked.

    But, when I check the Mailbox through Exchange Server Management it shows 2,967 messages stored??? How can I open and/or delete the extra 2,600 messages?

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      by curlergirl ·

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      Check the Deleted Item retention setting on your server – if it is set to a long period (i.e., more than 10-14 days), change it to a shorter period. I usually use 7-10 days, figuring that after that no one is going to need to recover something deleted in error.

      To get rid of the retained deleted items, in Outlook, go to the Deleted Items folder, then click Tools/Recover Deleted Items. Select all items in the windows and click the “X” icon to remove them from deleted item retention.

      Hope this helps!

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      Reply To: SBS 2003 Mailbox Stores

      by andeanderson ·

      In reply to SBS 2003 Mailbox Stores

      I’ll give that a try. The Deletion schedule was set to 30 days.

      I’m not sure that will affect anything since I had already gone through each users accounts and emptied the Trash and the Recover Deleted Items was empty.

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