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SBS 2003 One user not receiving external email.

By KingOfAces ·
I have one new user, he is unable to receive outside email to his outlook account. I have check his account settings against mine and the only differences are the names and member of tab as i am the admin. I check his outlook account, no rules are created, he has someone else's mailbox as he replace that guy. I deleted his mailbox purged it and added it back into the server. I also recreated the Outlook profile. The last guy used the same computer and nothing has changed on teh machine itself. We use a Third party to host our domain. They also provide a little bit of spam filtering and an web email application. he is the only user out of 50 that this is happening to. The guy at the third party company keeps telling me its an issue on my side but i think that he is full of it. I have no clue where to go from here. My next step is to contact the ISP and see if they are blocking his email or something like that. It seems very unlikely but I have exhausted all means of getting this resolved.


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have you tried setting up

by Sue T In reply to SBS 2003 One user not rec ...

your email on that computer to see if you get external emails? Have you setup his email account on a different computer to see if he gets external emails on that computer? Those are the first things I would try so I could rule out anything on his computer. What version of Outlook are you using?
Good Luck.

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