SBS 2003 Prem. Setup Non-domain clients

By amazon3d2 ·
Okay so here is my scenario: I have a Dell Poweredge 1500 dual 1ghz pIII 2gb ECC Ram Dual Eithernet jacks Fully updated SBS 2003 Prem.
UPS, external BU-hdd, 24 port Stacker III 3300mx (no on-site internet)

I did the installation and update at home before transit to the network site. So a number of things seem to have broke when I transfered it.

I installed it at the site, jump on a client computer and went to //(servername)/connectcomputer And it gives me a permissions error, and cannot proceed to the page. The client computers are: 1x 98, 1x XP Home, 1x 2kP. I believe I need to set them up as non-domains as only 2kP & XPP have domain access.

My question is how do I set them up as being as they are diffrent OS', they need to have the My Documents redirection, access to a central DB for the school app, and the exchange server needs to work with them all.
I've looked threw about 3hrs of documents but can't find the solution.

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there's this book....

by CG IT In reply to SBS 2003 Prem. Setup Non- ...

Windows Small Business Server 2003 Administrators companion.

Will tell you everything you need to know about how to setup and maintain a Small Business Server.

but for you immediate problem, you first must create the computer accounts from the System Management Screen [thats to make sure computer accounts get in the right OU. If you don't do this, then you can not manage client applications via the Sytem Management Screen. ]This would also be a very good time to create the user accounts as well using the System Management Screen. User accounts also have to be placed in the correct OU for you to be able to manage them from the System Management console. Another cautionary word, you don't really have to do it this way, but you'll save yourself a lot of "wish I did this way back when" ....

Windows 9X can join a SBS 2003 network, however they require netbios over TCP/IP and WINS to be able to find the Server.

Get the book. if you use SBS its a valuable asset.

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Adding the clients

by amazon3d2 In reply to there's this book....

Well I know that thee was some sort of book for it but I just needed to know how do I add an older client to the server, does it work the same as the others, as I am getting the permissions error page when I try to access them.

I think I know the steps for adding the clients to the server but what do I need to do client-side to add them as I cannot access the http://(servername)/connectcomputer page.

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