SBS 2003 Premium R2 - OS Partition Size Opinions

By PCTech74 ·
I know there are different opinions about the OS partition size so I am just asking a "general" question here. I have read that it should be 6GB in size, 15GB in size or 25GB in size. What size do you recommend for the OS partition?


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you're right,

by Churdoo In reply to SBS 2003 Premium R2 - OS ...

you will get different opinions, and I'll start with mine, because it's what matters most -- to ME. :-)

Given the 3 choices:
6GB is WAY too small for today's O/S', ESPECIALLY SBS, period.

15GB is OK, and would probably last quite awhile without running out of room on the system vol, provided that you pay attention to the install wizard and place all dynamic data (exchange databases, user and company directories, etc.) on another volume.

But for me, disk capacity today is so inexpensive, and with 80GB and 72GB being the smallest PRACTICAL drive capacities to purchase these days, I'd give it the 25GB system volume, oh and STILL pay attention to the install wizard and put all dynamic data on another volume.

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by PCTech74 In reply to you're right,

I had planned to move the user and company directories to another volume but didn't think about moving the exchange databases. Thanks for the tip.

I will stick with 25GB. We have three 146GBs installed so I think we will be ok.

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not always correct

by power zhu In reply to Thanks

Different people will give different suggest, it is related to how you want to use. I setup the os partition as 30GB, but it still occurred low disk space error. Regularly defragement and clear up is better. But I solved the problem by the help of http://www.partition-tool.com/resource/sbs-server-low-disk-space.htm

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Partition resizing

by longtail In reply to you're right,

Yes, I agree with this. To set a partition larger, especially for system partition is important and it will solve lots of problem. but if the original partitions are too small, you can resize and expand partitons, don't worry.

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