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    SBS 2003 server DNS vanished


    by tim.clarke ·

    Our only windows server (SBS2003) has been running ok for years but over the last week we have had several problems.
    1) All symbols in the forward lookup zones of the DNS management tool don’t appear (secondary DNS server’s symbols are being fetched – we can see them appearing in C:\Windows\system32\DNS\…. files.
    2) An “event 13 autoenrollment failed to enroll for one Domain Server certificate – access is denied” is occurring irregularly every few hours. Time is synchronised ok – although it was not until a few days ago when our ntp server became invisible to this server due to a router problem. DCDIAG gives no errors and the server is single-homed and otherwise routing perfectly via forwards to our ISP’s external DNS servers.
    3) OMA is failing to sync our four mobiles to Exchange – they receive an 0x85010014 error by remote sync or local cable.
    4) The LSASS process became too active for the server to be usable this morning so we restarted. It has also spontaneously restarted apparently due to ASR twice over the last few days but with no apparent reason.
    We’ve been researching solidly but have not made headway – any ideas please?

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