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    SBS 2003 to 2003 standard


    by avi ·

    So we have 2 servers with 2 domains at 2 different physical locations for our company. Whoever decided to purchase hardware/software decided to buy Windows 2003 SBS for the smaller office even though we have W2k server for the larger office. I have been trying to setup some continuity between the two offices (probably will have to be trusts since the domains are already setup) and have run into the issue of SBS not allowing trusts. We do not use the exchange or IAS portion of BS (hosted exchange, external web server). I am interested in transitioning from SBS to the standard version of Server 2003, however I don’t want to purchase exchange 2003 or the cal’s associated since we don’t use what we purchased to begin with. Is there a good solution? or am i stuck with the previously bad purchases and continuing to maintain 2 distinct and duplicate ad structures on both servers?


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      by avi ·

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      Yes, it is possible to migrate from SBS to standard windows and without the extra software.

      You can either keep the existing domain or join the existing domain and scrap the old server or join the other domain, so you have options.

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