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    SBS 2008 – Registry Policy


    by johan badenhorst ·


    My office at work is setup on a workgroup and the program i am having issues with works fine until I switch the pc(s) to the Domain.

    We fixed the issue with a few registry additions, but I’m having some confusing issues regarding the rollout of the policy I created to add the registries.

    I have 3 test machines and 2 of them accept the registry entries with no problems at all (even goes live on first log on rather than the 3 normally needed for policy changes), but one of them is just not doing it. No errors in event viewer, no error on startup… in fact the pc acts as if there is no policy.

    I have reinstalled the OS and retried, but still the same issue.

    I can’t roll out the domain switchover till i’m sure the registry entries will apply to all the pc’s.

    Been stuck on this for best part of a week.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Kind regards

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      by johan badenhorst ·

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      more detail

      by johan badenhorst ·

      In reply to SBS 2008 – Registry Policy

      Forgot to add. SBS2008 SP2 and the pc’s i’m adding are XP SP3

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      Windows Reference

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      Did you reboot the server so that the computer can access the server, also you might need to reboot the computer in question.
      Make sure the computer in question is pointing at the server correctly. Do a re-check to make sure.

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      how are you deploying the changes to workstations? ?

      by cg it ·

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      you may want to use computer, not use, scripts to make the necessary changes.

      But I don’t understand why Small Business Server domain environment would effect an applications ability to function and run. it, the application shouldn’t require registry changes on PCs to function whether a workgroup or a domain.

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        Program adds Registry keys

        by johan badenhorst ·

        In reply to how are you deploying the changes to workstations? ?

        The program we are running is adding registry keys to the local machine to save the passwords and paths of where it is collecting information from (external 3rd party company’s server/website). When logging onto the domain the user has a seperate registry collected from the domain and differs from the local registry (ie it does not have the keys added by the program)

        I did however figure out what was wrong. The 2 pc’s that was working had the client side extention installed and the others didnt.

        Problem solved thanks for you input though.

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