SBS 2008 Setup

By Mr Spock ·
I will be installing SBS 2008 to replace my existing SBS 2003. I have read some posts and wonder if I really need to change my internal network from 192.168.1.x to say 192.168.16.x and also change the domain as it is the same as our externally hosted web page.

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yes and maybe

by Churdoo In reply to SBS 2008 Setup

I would definitely change the LAN addressing scheme off of the network. That being such a common default addressing scheme for a lot of SOHO appliances, will cause problems for VPN clients if you will be using VPN.

Re: the domain name change, I've read that there is a migration path from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008, though admittedly I've never done the migration. Your answer depends on whether you'll be migrating from your SBS 2003 or whether you're creating a new Domain on your 2008 SBS and re-creating users and copying data and mailboxes over to the new SBS Domain.

If creating a new SBS AD then yes, change the domain to yourdomain.local or something thereabouts, but if migrating, then no you cannot do the Active Directory Rename procedure on SBS, specifically the Exchange portion of the AD rename does not work if your Exchange Server is on a DC, which in SBS by definition (assuming you're using Exchange) it is.

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by Mr Spock In reply to yes and maybe

Appreciate your input. You confirmed my thoughts. I won't do a migration as there seems to be a lot of negative posts on that. I will re-assign new IP addresses and create a new domain. Make it nice and clean (some extra work). Thanks

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If you use Swing Migrations, it's realitively painless

by CG IT In reply to Thanks

and will migrate everything from W2003 SBS to W2008 SBS for around $200.00 Well worth considering as the time and effort to create new user accounts, setup email account, setup new permissions and shared folders plus joining the workstations to the domain can take a lot longer than originally thought.

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Thanks for the idea

by Mr Spock In reply to If you use Swing Migratio ...

I'll look into that, I had read a lot re Microsoft's wizard that did not appear to work. I am not in to tedious punishment if it is not necessary!

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