SBS and Win2k3 on Same Domain

By mgray ·
I have a server running SBS 2003 and I need to purchase more licenses for my users. However I plan to add a server at 2 other locations as well which would be running win2k3 Standard.

Question 1: Can they exist on the same domain? If not I will install win2k3 on the server I have now running SBS and go from there. I am in the early stages so I am not losing anything.

Question 2: In terms of growth, should I be purchasing more SBS liceses or purchase win2k3 standard licenses?

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Good questions.

by bart777 In reply to SBS and Win2k3 on Same Do ...

1) Not a problem. You can add other server to the domain you just can't have more SBS servers on the same domain.

2) As for the licenses that would depend on how many users you will be adding. SBS can support up to 75 users. If the growth is going to be beyond that then you WILL need to move to standard. Also keep in mind that if you move to standard you will also need to install Exchange server. This will be a seperate install as well.

Best of luck

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to add to Bart

by CG IT In reply to SBS and Win2k3 on Same Do ...

you can have member servers in a SBS domain, you can also have other domain controllers and have those DCs at sites in a SBS domain. What you can't have is child domains or try to establish trusts between other domains.

in terms of licenses, there are 2 types for W2003. Device and user. if you have more than 1 server users will connect to, then you have to use user CALs. A user CAL allows the user to connect to more than 1 server.

So you can have additional member servers, domain controllers in an SBS environment, create sites, place DCs and member servers at sites, purchase user CALs and user will be able to access resources located on other servers in the SBS domain.

The only limitation would be the 75 user limit and the inability to establish trusts with other domains and with child domains.

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