SBS DC crashed, building new domain - can we import users?

By sagewah ·
I'm in ****.

Arrive on site to do a migration from sbs 03 to 08. Should be straightforward.

Reboot server, it won't come back up. Hardware is faulty. Drives are faulty. Filesystem's faulty. Backups backed up the faulty filesystem, so they just restore to a useless, broken partition.

We -do- have some files, and if need be we can recover some data from the useless backups.

Specifically: if I can get an uncorrupted copy of NTDS.DIT, is there a way I can at least import old user accounts to save some time?

At this point, We're having to recreate everything from scratch and we have less than 24 hours. SBS03 is currently installing behind me, so we've got a blank slate to work with.

Any advice will be welcomed.

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