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    SBS Exchange Email Dump Folder


    by jaca_4 ·

    My Client would like two employees emails dumped into a folder for future reference. This will probably be used in a court of law so the whole system needs to be air tight. If it is possible also to have the delivery recipient not apply to the dump folder or account.

    At first we had the emails going to the administrator account, but there were so many of them that it is no longer feasible. The owner would like the emails to be set in an account that he/she can access from outside the company. I suggested we do not forward them to hotmail/yahoo type accounts and keep it internal and remote in to look if they have to, they agreed.

    It is an SBS R2 Server, Outlook is used as email client, XP Pro on all client machines.

    I thank you in advance. I know some of you on here are SBS wizards in your own right. If this has been covered before here please point me in the right direction. If you need more information please let me know.

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      by jaca_4 ·

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      Keep things simple.

      by bart777 ·

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      Just PST the mailbox out to a network folder that the boss can get to. All he would need to do is open Outlook and then connect to the PST files in that share. You could even control the access thru NTFS security.

      Now if you want to continue to receive mail to these addresses then you would want to creat another mailbox and add those 2 addresses as alias names to that box. This would require you to PST the mail out of the other 2, Delete the accounts in AD and make sure they were gone from the ESM. Then you could add the alias names to the new account. Lastly if you want all of the mail in this bax you could then import the PST file back in again.

      I hope this is clearer that mud.

      Best of luck.

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