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SBS hanging at Applying Computer Settings

By DebbieGourley ·
Problems began a couple of days ago. Services such as WWW and Pop Connector and Exchange Routing Engine will not start. I used a batch file to start the www service but thats about it. I uninstalled IIS and reinstalled but to no avail. I am running SBS with SP2 and Exchange with SP2. I installed all the SBS server components and reinstalled Exchange but still no luck. Frustrated I ran dcpromo to get rid of AD and now I am having this applying computer settings problem. I have left the server like this but I dont think I can face another day like this tomorrow. Could it be the NIC adapter? Someone please help.



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Very hard to say, unless you add a bit more info.

Why not start from scratch (fresh install) and slowly go from there.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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See if this will help

by Jacky Howe In reply to SBS hanging at Applying C ...

Check that your server points to itself and itself ONLY as its preferred DNS server (in the TCP/IP properties on the network connection). The alternate DNS server should be blank.
The same with any other machines with Static IPs - they must all point to the SBS Server as their preferred DNS server and have no alternate DNS server.
DHCP must be set up to provide the DNS server to clients, again the only DNS server that should be being provided is that of the SBS server.
The only place any ISP or external DNS servers should appear is as forwarders on in the properties tab of the DNS server console.
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Well SBS doesn't work like standard W2003 Server

by CG IT In reply to SBS hanging at Applying C ...

it's wizard driven and if you go in and muck around manually configuring stuff, you will break it and no amount of manually trying to reconfigure it will work.

if you dcpromo demoted, you can not dcpromo promote SBS. you have to do a clean install. Wipe the drive, insert the DVD and run setup. once Windows Server 2003 is installed, the SBS setup will run. It is all wizard driven so just follow the prompts to install SBS. Once you have installed SBS, you must run the CIECW wizard to connect to the internet. The CIECW wiard is located in the server management console, left pane under Things to Do.

If you make any changes to your network, such as switch ISPs, change routers, you must run the CIECW wizard.

Note: if you change from SMTP to POP3 mail, you must run the CIECW wizard. If you change from POP3 to SMTP, you must run the CIECW wizard.

Often, services will report a critical error in the event log, when in fact it's not a critical error, rather, it's the service tried to start before a dependency service has started. often you can ignor these types of errors in the event log if you check under services in admin tools that the service is in fact running. If a service isn't running, check to make sure the dependent service is running. if not start the dependent service, then start the regular service. All this don under services in admin tools.

another note: once you install SBS and complete the wizards, you don't want to go into DNS, DHCP, IIS and start changing stuff. IIS is required for Sharepoint services to work properly and if you uninstall IIS, there's really not way to fix sharepoint so you have to reinstall those components. Even then, it's not a sure fix.

once you install SBS and it runs and does everything it's supposed to do, you don't muck with it. you just leave it alone.

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