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SBS2003 Created too small boot partition

By vonBimmer ·
I replaced a venerable company Windows NT 4.0 server with a brand new Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium server three weeks ago. The new Dell 2650 server has goodies we are drooling over - 273GB of RAID 5 SCSI (5 drives), dual processors and 2GB of main memory, let alone the latest server software from Microsoft.

When I loaded the SBS 2003 Premium on the new drivespace, one of the first questions was how big to make the partitions? Well, I thought I would be generous so I created an 8GB C: drive for the base OS, a 60GB drive for all the Programs and a 205GB E: drive for my client's Data. The 8GB C: drive is twice the size of the old Windows NT C: drive so I thought I was being generous!

Microsoft's Installation CD made no recommendations as I was loading and setting up the new server.

Darn if my users didn't even have two weeks on this puppy before the C: drive was completely stuffed! The stuffing appears to be loaded with log files and uninstall folders from all those updates I faithfully downloaded. I deleted the obvious junk like .tmp and .bak files and reset the two Shadow drives (C: & ) to save on the E: drive. Programs are installed on the drive.

So here is my question:

What else can I safely clean up off the C: drive -- OR -- is there a partition manager that will allow me enlarge the C: drive without loosing all the programs and data on drives and E: (both of which still have plenty of room)?

I have twenty-five users eagerly using the new server and grabbing down-time is nearly impossible at this point!

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by CG IT In reply to SBS2003 Created too small ...

humm sounds like you've cleaned up your O/S drive about as much as you can. You could run Exchange mailbox manager and clean up mail boxes. They tend to accumulated crap which eats up space. You could also try something like partition commander or some other 3rd part partitioning software and try and increase your O/S partition. I would back up the entire box if I were you before I try something like this and if you want my honest opinion, I would start over from scratch. Since SBS 2003 is a "All in one box" small business solution, and you've got the premium edition, you have Exchange 2003 and ISA server on there. Both have service packs and patches as well as just SBS 2003. Our SBS 2000 with Exchange and ISA server takes up about 10 GB of space [and thats just the O/S with all the service packs, hotfixes for all three] so I assume over time, so will SBS 2003.

We have member servers to our SBS network which are file server, SQL server, and a Web server. Kinda defeats the purpose of the "All in one box" solution Microsoft says SBS is but our experience is that keeping the DC from storing user files and crap, data base files, and a web server, it pretty much runs without much trouble.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: we run SBS 2000 and have that installed on a box with dual 20GB HDDs in a hardware mirrored array [Promise Fastrack IDE RAID]. Right now SBS 2000, Exchange 2000 & ISA server 2000 with all service packs, hotfixes, feature packs for all 3 it takes up about 10.4 GB of space. We use a Seagate Travan 20 tape backup to back everything up on the DC. All fits on one tape using the Windows backup utility and 1.8 to 1 compression ratio. Been up and running without much trouble now for about 2 years. Norton Corporate Antivirus 8.1 works for us pretty well.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to SBS2003 Created too small ...

Your Dell server should have come with some Server Manager software for drive utilities. You should upgrade your disks to Dynamic and try expanding. The only problem I foresee is in the fact you are currently using all of the partitions. You may have to delete one of the others and shrink it before you can grow your OS partition.
You can access the drives through the Array Manager console.

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by pgm554 In reply to SBS2003 Created too small ...

PowerQuest Volume Manager .Shrinks and expands on the fly.

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by vonBimmer In reply to SBS2003 Created too small ...

I solved the problem with Paragon Software's Partition Manager (see: which reorganized the SBS's RAID array brilliantly! It actually moves the data and allows you to create nice clean partitions. In my case I now have a 48GB C:, 48GB and 177GB E: partitions. I am one happy consultant - and the client is thrilled.

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