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SBS2003 Group permissions do not work ??

By Paul Cheeseman ·
When I create a share, for some reason, I cannot give users permission to access that share via group assignement! I have to either give 'everyone' permission, or add each user individually to each share.

If I add the users to a group, then give that group permission, all I get is access denied.

Any ideas??

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Anyone ?

by Paul Cheeseman In reply to SBS2003 Group permissions ...

Has anyone got ANY ideas ? or suggestions of where to look for problem ? I have tried everything I can think of, but so far am unable to resolve what is a very annoying problem!



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Same Problem - Standard Server2003

by mraho In reply to SBS2003 Group permissions ...

I'm seeing the exact same thing... I've gone through tons of group policy and security settings, with no luck. The only way I can get group security to work is to either get the user to log in again or to disconnect the user in question in File Mgr. MMC., then apply the permission to the group.

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Try this

by jkallen In reply to SBS2003 Group permissions ...

Paul - I'd love to chat about this if you have the time as it is killing me. IN the meantime, login to the server as the user in question and run whoami /all > output.txt and see if your user in question shows up as even being a member of the group in question. In my case it does not. Which is odd and really makes me uncomfortable with the stability of AD at this point.

Now, to make it even stranger, go to another server or workstation in the domain, login as the user and run whoami again (you will have to download or copy whoami from the server's system32 folder and compare. In my case, I can see everything properly remotely on another server (but it's hit or miss as it shows incorrectly on my own workstation).

Let me know. I see you posted this elesewhere and I will reply this same message there

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Group permissions in AD

by mraho In reply to Try this

The one thing that SEEMED to work once I made the server live was to disable Caching (Offline Settings)for each share I had. Now group membership changes seem to apply instantly. Hope that helps!

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by down_load_crap In reply to Group permissions in AD

The share name has to be exactly the same. For example, a folder can be called "Applications" but have a shared name of "Apps". If you map like this:
\\servername\applications\folder you won't have access because it is NOT the shared name.

If you do:
\\servername\apps\folder then you WILL have access because it is the shared name.

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