SBS2003 License issue

By garo ·
This is the message I receive
Warning: License usage for a product licensed in per server mode has exceeded the maximum number of licenses purchased and will prohibit further licenses frm being granted
We have 20 users we have 20 CAL for users in the office and some want to work by remote. I purchased TS 5 user license and now I am not sure if I made the write decision and installing doesn't seem to be straight froward.
Can someone guide me please

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SBS 2003 comes with a 5 License CAL setup

by OH Smeg In reply to SBS2003 License issue

So if you have 20 users you should only need another 15 CAL's. OK granted with M$ Licensing it's a bit of a nuisance and 20 CAL's are cheaper than 1 X 10 & 1 X 5 so that's probably why you got the 20.

As for exceeding your Licensing this should only happen when there are concurrent users logged in so if everyone isn't there and you have the 20 CAL Pack installed it shouldn't be an issue unless their computers are on.

As for using the CAL's all you need do is register them this is done from the Server and if you allow the unit to Auto Select and Register or whatever it's called it's only a few minutes to setup.

Granted it's been a while since I've done this as it's not something you do every day either. If I remember correctly you just enter the 25 Digit Code in and allow the computer to verify and register the CAL's with M$ Live Service.

You find the place to add CAL's and the like from the Start Menu under Accessories System Tools if I remember right.


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what about the TS license

by garo In reply to SBS 2003 comes with a 5 L ...

If a person has a laptop and logs in by remote to the server they want to be able to use it like a they were in the office.
This is why I bought 5 TS licenses
we have the CALs for in office users

Looking at the licencing it looks like we have not installed all licence. The system reads we have 18 licences available but 10 install. it does not make sense.

Should I not use Terminal services and by more CALs?

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humm think you should return the TS CALs

by CG IT In reply to what about the TS license

your not running a terminal server with SBS so the TS CALs are of no use.

you can get around the licensing issue for remote clients by using RWW and Remote Desktop. Clients are connecting to their desktops, not the server thus only the workstations joined to the domain access the server. RWW allows clients to retrieve their email, view the company web site and calender.

for SBS licensing, see this article on Microsoft Technet.

I've included this Technet article because of the "how to" for using the licensing wizard.

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Thanks CG

by OH Smeg In reply to humm think you should ret ...

The time difference is a real nuisance at times.


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The remote team use laptops

by garo In reply to Thanks CG

The reason I purchased the TS license so we can use that for the remote team. If am in the office and you are the other end of Australia, you want to access not only your emails but documents I prem=pared in the common area.
I can add more CALs but should I not be using TS for some people?

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if your in Australia and the SBS server is in Anchorage

by CG IT In reply to The remote team use lapto ...

you use Remote Web Workplace.

Doesn't require any CALs. Want to get a document off your desktop in Anchorage while your in Bora Bora? Remote Desktop.

Heck you can upload documents to the company web site if you publish it.

forget trying VPN remote access to the server. Waste of time. use RWW and OWA.

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SBS 2003 Feedback RWW guidance is apprciated

by garo In reply to if your in Australia and ...

We have 20 people in the team.
SBS 2003 Premium running exchange.
15 Desktops & 5 Laptops

For the team to access information they log in to the server by Remote Web workplace RWW

Desktop users have no problems because they go to connect to client desktop and choose their personal system to access everything including files and emails

Laptop users can only access emails because they do not have a desktop to access files

I have 15 CALs. Not everyone is in at the same time

The error message I receive is
Warning: License usage for a product licensed in per server mode has exceeded the maximum number of licenses purchased and will prohibit further licenses form being granted

I also purchased 5 Terminal Services Licenses

I prefer to have users working by remote and use the system as if they were sitting in the office

Your feedback and is appreciated

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your warning message

by CG IT In reply to SBS2003 License issue

per server mode is per device, so you need device CALs. Per Seat mode is user CALs.

if you purchased 15 and have 5 built in, it should cover the total of 20. Are the laptops joined to the domain?

In any event, return the TS CALs, your not running Terminal Services so those CALs are a waste of $$. At $80.00 each, best to get a refund.

you can check licensing in SBS from the management console but it will just give you general information.

one other thing, the 15 CALs you bought, were they user cals or device cals?

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Licenses on hand on SBS 2003

by garo In reply to your warning message

I just remote in the server and this is what I read in the manage client access license, there are
Installed Licenses 10
Maximum usage 18
I know the system came with 5 and I purchased 2 lots of 5
I have to locate the envelopes the licenses came in and see if devise or user CALs
I will know it tomorrow whe I go in
Thanks for your guidance
Its Sunday, Monday I will return the TS licenses

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Depends when you purchased the CAL's

by OH Smeg In reply to Licenses on hand on SBS 2 ...

If it was some time ago you would have got a Packet telling you what they are. Large Whiter Envelope with nothing inside it and only a M$ sticker on the outside.

If you brought them recently like within the last 2 years or so you would have got a E-Mail from M$ with the Licenser Codes which in this case would have been 2 X 25 Digit Strings of Alpha Numeric letters/Numbers. In this E-Mail M$ would have sent you the type of CAL that you have purchased.

Alternatively if you Purchased these from M$ directly you would have had to open a Live Account at the M$ Web Page and in your Account there M$ would have provided the Codes and Type of CAL's that you purchased.

All you need do is get the original Delivery Notification and look there.


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