SBS2003 RC2 installation under local Admin..??

By rr0s3 ·
NEED some Windows SBS 2003 RC2 help.... :-((

I have installed a fresh SBS2003-RC2 server into an existing AD-domain. As I already have a domain (which I did NOT want to recreate/migrate to new), I followed MS KB# 884453 (, which walks through forcing the new SBS machine into the existing domain, transferring AD operational master roles, etc....

I have followed this KB exactly and all has worked perfect, up until time to relaunch the setup continuation - at which point it is now failing due to not being logged on as the "Built-in Admin Account"... ??

PROBLEM is, that since the first part of the KB has you install AD and promote the roles on the machine, you loose all your local users, including the local admin(!?!?)...

So, I can no longer log in as the user the auto-install demands you to use.... Is there a work-around/fix for this??

One fix seemed to cause another problem....

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Found solution to own problem

by rr0s3 In reply to SBS2003 RC2 installation ...

My solution was that previous support personnel had disabled the 'real' domain Administrator account in lieu of the far more secure 'admin' account ;->

I enabled the default Adminstrator account, logged on and viola!

Solution was found in the following MS TechNet discussion:

> Yes, I have verified it is in the top
>level, and not under the My Business\Users.
>>"Dave Nickason [SBS MVP]" wrote:
>>Just to clarify, in addition to verifying
>>the group membership of the Administrator
>>account, you verified that it's in that
>>Users AD container? I ran into this exact
>>error with an upgrade where the
>>Administrator account had been moved out
>>of the top-level Users container (not an
>>OU), and into the MyBusiness\Users OU.
>>>"dwhagerman" <dwhagerman@news.postalias> >>>wrote in message
>>>Let me just add.... the only reason I
>>>want/need to install the consoles is
>>>to install their additional licensing.
>>>If there is any other way to add the
>>>licensing without using the SBS Consoles,
>>>I'm all ears!
>>>>"dwhagerman" wrote:
>>>>Thanks for the quick reply.
>>>>No, it has not been renamed, and it is
>>>>also a member of all the correct groups.
>>>>>"Dave Nickason [SBS MVP]" wrote:
>>>>>Make sure the Administrator account has
>>>>>not been renamed, and that it's in
>>>>>the "Users" AD container. This is the
>>>>>top-level one at the bottom of the list
>>>>>in AD Users and Computers (not under
>>>>>MyBusiness or elsewhere).
>>>>>>"dwhagerman" wrote in message
>>>>>>Ok, here's the scenario.
>>>>>>Ran a clean SBS 2003 install and
>>>>>>stopped the SBS setup after the
>>>>>>initial install was done. Then ran
>>>>>>dcpromo to pull all the current AD
>>>>>>After everything was done, I was going
>>>>>>back through to finish the setup so
>>>>>>all the consoles/etc. would install,
>>>>>>and I'm getting this error when doing
>>>>>>the checklist.
>>>>>>"You must be logged in using the
>>>>>>built-in administrator account"
>>>>>>I've done the above scenario time
>>>>>>after time at multiple
>>>>>>locations, so I'm a little stumped
>>>>>>why this is happening on this
>>>>>>particular machine. I found 1
>>>>>>reference on KB regarding a Windows
>>>>>>2000 dcpromo, but nothing there
>>>>>>Any ideas?

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