SBS2011 domain containing a W2K3 server w/ 2003 TS CALS a possibility?

By Gordinho ·
I'm trialling SBS2011, however to keep initial CAPEX to a minimum I want to re-use a W2k3 server license with 20 Terminal server CALS if possible (with TS licensing installed on this box)

I know I can install extra servers into an SBS2011 domain. Can I install a W2K3 server into this domain or do extra servers need to be W2K8 R2? and if so can I re use my 2003 Terminal server CALS? as ideally I only need the TS to be based on W2K3 and want to avoid having to buy a W2K8 license + W2k8 TS CALS

thanks in advance


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With the SBS versions of the Server Products

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SBS2011 domain containing ...

I don't think that you can use more than the 1 server. The platform is written that way for Small Business and costs less that the full version of the Server Product.

But I'm at a bit of a loss to what you are actually asking here. Are you asking can you install the 2003 Server version on this box and use it's Licensing and CAL's in your current production environment or are you asking can use run the 2003 Server either as a Dual Boot or a Virtual System?

As for Licensing here it depends on what you actually have but all of the server products I have seen from M$ are tied to the Original Hardware so it's not a very good Idea to attempt to reuse a License that was not tied to this server as that is what M$ Calls Piracy and they are very hard on companies who breach the End User License Agreement. Of course if you are a Legal Firm or have Legal People who can appear in Court on Copyright Infringement Cases it's not going to be quite so bad for you but none the less it's still going to be time consuming and Time Expensive even if you only need to outlay wages for at least the 18 months that it will take to settle. If you want to fight the case it's going to take a lot longer and be even mor expansive.

If you are asking can you use the TS CAL's from a 2003 installation on a 2011 installation the simple answer there is No You Can Not. Each Server Version has different License Numbers which also apply tot he License Numbers of the CAL???s's so the CAL that works on a 2003 installation will not be accepted on a 2011 installation.

For more details I would suggest you contact M$ Licensing Division in your country for their take on the way that they are enforcing their rules at this point in time as it changes quite often in their Current Interpretation.


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more info

by Gordinho In reply to SBS2011 domain containing ...

To clarify,

I want to setup an SBS2011 domain using SBS2011 STD but rather than have to buy premium addon functionality and install another W2K8 server in addition to the first SBS 2011 server to act as an RDS server (+ the RDS cals), I just wanted to add a W2K3 server to this domain as a member server (I can take the license as it was non OEM and I would be decommissioning the existing server anyway) and migrate my existing TS CALs from the production AD to the new SBS domain (but installed on the W2K3 server that would have the licensing server installed on it)

It's really just a cost saving exercise. My existing TS remote desktop is fine, i don't particularly need the functionality of W2K8 RDS so if I can get away with not having to pay for it on day zero then that is ideal.

I've subsequently spoken to their licensing dept who say this is feasible but they can't answer whether it's technically feasible to have a non W2K8 TS licensing server in the SBS2011 domain with clients connecting to it and getting a legacy W2K3 experience

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