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Scale-up vs. scale-out architecture

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Does your organization use a scale-up architecture or a scale-out architecture? How did you make this decision? Share your comments about scale-up vs. scale-out architecture, as discussed in the Nov. 11 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter.

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baahaahaa scale up or scale out

by ristau5741 In reply to Scale-up vs. scale-out ar ...

scale up:

yeah right, try telling management they need to spend $40K on a server instead of $6K

or if it's already on a high end server and need to be a higher end server good luck on mirgrating the 37 apps running on the server, sneakernet abounds to the desktop reinstalling all those apps.

scale out:

yeah right, try getting a high end management system in place to manage all those servers. Try telling management you need to hire more people to manage those scaled out servers.

why am I so negative ?

4 years ago my company had 11 servers and 2 people to manage. today 90 servers and 2 people to manage. all we do all day is play crisis management.

we didn't scale up because services became too critical, rebooting a server took down 8 other parts of the business, that and we couldn't justify to management that we needed to grow into a $40K server.

time to put out another fire, I hear one of my servers calling

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by Flash00 In reply to Scale-up vs. scale-out ar ...

I suggest that the terms "Scale Up" vs "Scale Out" be replaced with "Efficiency" vs "Redundancy," to better define the problem.

Scaling Up is concentrating, which is more efficient than the more robust Scaling Out or sharing the job among many redundant units.

It's an old problem, and there's no definitive answer to which approach is best. Go for the more efficient approach of putting all your eggs in one big basket, or spend a fortune on a bulletproof distributed network with its administrative headaches?

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Too Costly

by wiegand In reply to

I recently needed to get some larger servers. Rather than just ordering some 4-way processors, I looked into getting a larger 16-way. We run Windows Enterprise Server 2000. I looked at VMware and Windows Data Center. The costs of the software to manage the 16-way plus hardware costs were more than double the cost of just getting the individual servers. Dollars are at a premium right now, so until there is a real advantage to going this route, I don't see it in our future.

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