Scan Network for Clients with DHCP Enabled

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I am supposed to provide our IT manager with a list of all the computers on our network that have Static IP addresses. Is there a program that scans the network for this? Even a program that scanned the network for client computers with DHCP Enabled. there's programs that scan and get the MAC address, so Im sure there's gotta be a way to do this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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You could ask

by IC-IT In reply to Scan Network for Clients ...

him for the scope of the IP addressess that is allowed by the DHCP device. Also find out the subnetting scheme and address ranges. Then scan the network with a program like PCFinder (or many others). All systems outside that scope will be static IPs. Usually this will be servers, printers, gateways, etc.
PCFinder is free and can be found here;

Or you could script it. Here is a good article;
another article on the use of Netsh

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