Scan to folder - Ricoh Afcio 2035e Multi Function Machine

By rwtodd2007 ·
Is anyone familar with this printer and getting it to scan to a certain folder? I've gone through the setup twice, and still cannot get it to work.

I get an error that says scan failed. When I looked up the error in the manual, it said it culd be do to a network connection problem. I cannot get the scanner to browse the network, yet everyone can print to this printer with no problem, it scans to everyones email with no issues. I can see the printer from the server, and print from there as well, so its not like the path is bad.

The folder we want the data to go to is shared, everyone has access to it.

Any help would be appreciated. I check Ricoh's website and they do not have this issue in their knowledge base, and searching for the error on the web doesn't bring up any solutions.

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Request for Clarification

by knunez25 In reply to Clarifications

Hi, I am also having the same issue with our printer. Have you found a solution? Please advise.

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Most network scanners use some weird TCP/IP port

by robo_dev In reply to Scan to folder - Ricoh Af ...

And that port number is often blocked by either Windows firewall or any other personal firewall.

Not being able to browse the network could result if the printer's ethernet adapter is misnegotiating the duplex setting (100/half versus 100/full).

Also, is the printer on the same subnet as the domain controller? Some of those MFCs are not real bright, from a network perspective.

I would connect a workstation via crossover cable to the back of the unit and see if it can be forced to work that rules out a lot of problems.

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Also, on these machines....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Most network scanners use ...

... you have to go into admin settings and create the folder in the address book for scan to folder. The path to the destination folder would be similar to any shared printer path:

\\<machinename or IP>\sharename

... and, you may need to supply a password to that folder.


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by CYAN3D In reply to Scan to folder - Ricoh Af ...

what operating system is the shared folder on , has to be shared and have full rights also you will have the best luck if you use the web page to set it up ... put the ricoh ip address in web browser log in admin no password for newer ricoh and password no name for older ricoh.. go to address book fill in path \\computername\folder under that put in name and password that is on that computer to log in... and apply settings

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Scanning on these devices

by bruceleeon In reply to Scan to folder - Ricoh Af ...

The issue with scanning to a shared folder that "everyone" has access to is that the device still requires a user name and password to push scan. Even though anyone can create a file or folder in the share is a limitation of the device. Add a user to the share specifically for this device and associated password. Then provide that information in the device. Also, if you are on a domain, please populate the domain information in the setup of the machine. User Tools, Interface settings section.

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the truth behind smb

by keirankent74 In reply to Scanning on these devices

scan to smb (server message block is very simple) it uses the smb protocol the shares thing the guy from oxford is talking about is not a constraint of the machine its smb authenticaton signing protocol which is embedded security within microsoft software products basicall 1 create a user in active directory with a fixed password 2 create a share for the users (individual or groups )that you want to have access to the folder (doesnt have to be everyone )then point the machine at the name of the server (if using dns )or ip address if not then add the file path user name and password the copier authenticates within the tcpip (transport and security layers see osi model) with the server the user in the copier will need full permissions to read write manage ect but you can limit actual users and there rights as required

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