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    ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)


    by ed61115 ·

    Sorry if this appears so basic. I’m 63 year old newbie, please allow me some
    latitude here…
    I have Sony VAIO Pentium 233, upgraded 2 years ago to 12 GB drive (7gb free) and added ram to 96 SDRAM, running origional Windows 95b.
    For 2 months Scandisk restarts, and I cannot Defrag prior to a complete Scan.
    YES, I do Close Program all except Explorer and Systray. Tried in Safemode
    and then someone suggested running Scan from a boot floppie in DOS. That did complete in about 3 minutes (20 minutes has been previous time for a Scan) but when I tried to Defrag, it reports disk errors that need to be fixed by Scandisk. I have NO screensaver on, and do not use any virus-scan running.
    ANY SUGGESTIONS? I do not have freezes and no Blue Screen, but I have noticed a general SLOWDOWN.

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      by cul8rm8e ·

      In reply to ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

      command prompt and type in c:\ scanonce c

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      ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

      by nkqx57a ·

      In reply to ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

      What you are describing sounds like a corrupted file access table (FAT) which will cause ScanDisk to restart. Are you running FAT 16 or FAT 32? In addition, are you running any disk compression or some BIOS Manager software? Your system and Win95b has a limitation of 2.1GB hard drive capacity. Meaning each disk partition should not exceed the 2.1GB max. Another problem is that Win95b does not support long filenames.

      Would recommend that you backup everything and then upgrade to Win98se. Before upgrading I would find out more about drive partitioning, and reformat, and repartition the 12GB drive.

      Hope you find this helpful.


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        Reply To: ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

        by greggen ·

        In reply to ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

        One thing you might want try is to run scandisk /surface from the boot disk. I had a problem where windows defrag reported errors, an windows scandisk did not find anything. Booting to DOS, and running scandisk /surface fixed some problems, then Iwas able to do a complete defrag

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        You can repartition Win 95

        by itbutterfly ·

        In reply to ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

        There is an application that is very easy to use that will allow you to convert away from FAT16. It is called Partition Magic. I would boot into DOS and run scandisk /s. This will find any issues that may be physically wrong with the hard drive. Then, if all is well, run defrag in Windows. After these steps complete, the Partition Magic should work like a dream.

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      UPDATE 2-14-2003

      by ed61115 ·

      In reply to ScanDisk Loops (constantly restarts)

      After about 2 years, for some reason I have been able to ScanDisk (took 4 hours) and Defrag (that took 22 hours) and everything appears to be working fine.

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        scan disk problems

        by booklb ·

        In reply to UPDATE 2-14-2003

        I am also having this problem. Scan disk keeps saying programs running, scan disk restarted 10 times???????? Was this your problem? Let me know what you did to fix it. Thank you

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