"Scanner Properties" Icon (not shortcut) Placed on Desktop

By deckie49 ·
I installed a driver for an "Epson Perfection 1260" scanner. Scanner works fine, but the "scanner properties" icon was placed on the desktop. An icon was also correctly placed in the "Camera and Scanners" folder in the Control Panel.
Since the desktop icon is not a shortcut, I have not been able to delete it.
I sure would appreciate some help!

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Check Options

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to "Scanner Properties" Icon ...

Right click the icon and choose properties or options or whatever it has to allow you to configure it. Then, look for an option to "display icon on desktop" and uncheck it.

By the way, what Operating System (OS) are you using? Did you install the correct software/drivers for your OS?

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by deckie49 In reply to Check Options

thanks for your help thumbsup
sorry for overlooking os info- i'm running xp pro, 120 gig hd, 1gig ram on an athlon 2800. the scanner is epson perfection 1260 using driver ver. 5.6 dtd 12/15/2002 (the latest version i know of).
when i right click the icon, i get 5 options; scan, get picture using scan wizard, create shortcut, rename and properties.
when i select properties i get a window with 3 tabs:
1. general- the scanner status and a "test scanner" button
2. events- select an event and associate a program to launch
3. color management- color profile for scanner.

that's all. no other options. the scanner status shows
device ready on port usbscan, and diagnosis says everything is working properly. all of this is identical to to what is shown in control panel under "cameras and scanners". and, as i say the scanner works fine. i just need
to get the icon off the desktop.
if i select "make a shortcut", then i get a shortcut referenced back to the icon itself.
in essence, it seems that when i installed the scanner (followed instructions to the letter), it actually installed the device twice- once in control panel, and one on desktop.

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ok, try this......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to reply

If what you suspect is true and it did install twice, perhaps following the instructions to the letter is not the ticket. But, since you have it there, there are two ways to delete/remove system icons from the desktop.

First and easiest way is to click the icon ONE time to make it highlighted, then press the delete button. Confirm delete if it asks. IF that works, it goes to the recycle bin. Leave it there for a while to make sure the scanner application works as it should. If not, you can restore it from the recycle bin without having damaged anthing.... at least that's how it's SUPPOSED to work.

Second is to right click the START button and choose Explore. In the left navigation panel, click ONE time on the desktop (scroll up till you find it). Once the desktop is highlighted on the left, you should see all of the icons that appear on your desktop displayed in the right panel. Click ONE time on the scanner icon to highlight it, then press the delete key. Confirm delete if it asks and leave it in recycle bin for a while till you see if the scanner works properly.

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by deckie49 In reply to ok, try this......

lastnight i did a defrag. after reboot the desktop icon was gone! not only that, the icon in control panel "scanners and camersa" was gone too!
the scanner is still listed in the device manager and it still works.
this is very strange, and i would love to know what is going on. on the other hand, the desktop icon issue is gone. i feel like dr. house looking at a sick patient waiting for another weird symptom to pop up in order to diagnose and heal (haha). in any event, unless you have seen this behavior before and have any ideas, i'm willing to close this issue and watch for a while.

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