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    Scanners in XP


    by computers ·

    Is it possible to circumvent the Scanners Wizard in XP? In other words, to scan using another interface that is more user friendly, and has fewer steps?

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      What Scanner Wizard?

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Scanners in XP

      I just installed an Epson scanner on a XP Pro system.

      I use the control panel applet that Epson provided and installed for me when I loaded the software.

      You should also be able to use the import function on most graphics programs to access the scanner control panel, and pull the scanned image straight into the editor.


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        That’s what I would like to do

        by computers ·

        In reply to What Scanner Wizard?

        However, the Saanner Wizard pops up and I would like to go around. My question is: how I set XP so I scan directly, and not through the Wizard.

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